moralistic in a sentence

Example sentences for moralistic

But the book was much more than a fairy tale unshackled from moralistic imperatives and tired fantastical creatures.
The difference, however, is in the moralistic undertone usually sensed in the former.
Look at his post comparing the naturalistic vs moralistic fallacies.
It was more rooted in a moralistic view of the world and in community.
Argues that a moralistic approach to plagiarism is not likely to make the problem disappear.
As a consequence, children's books tend to be highly moralistic.
He conveys a moral message with vivid illustrations rather than moralistic rhetoric.
The truants return home in one piece, and the last few lines supply a pallid and oddly moralistic conclusion to the story.

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We are naïve and moralistic women. We are human beings. Who find politics a blight upon the human conditio... more
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