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Example sentences for moraine

It's no secret that the biotech boom has left a moraine of false promises and failed products in its wake.
Moraine: a mound of unsorted till, deposited by ice action or melting of a glacier.
Glaciation right up to the lake and on one side a barely visible frozen moraine.
Moraine features several camping options for those who want to stay over a long weekend.
We're talking about the people who live near the former g-m plant in moraine.
The trip includes a short hike on the glacier's moraine.
Often a terminal, or end, moraine marking the foot of a cirque dams a small mountain lake called a tarn.
As the ice melted and the glaciers retreated to the north, they left behind moraine: rock and sediment.
It is nothing more than a sandy moraine of gravel, rock, and scrub climbing straight up the mountainside.
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