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Traditional mores say that texting when you're with someone is rude.
Burning Man participants are often borderline fundamentalist about the mores of their desert bacchanalia.
When law and mores conflict as obviously as this, the mores always win.
Three young women move to Chicago and room together; each wants to emancipate herself from smalltown mores.
Most of them are incapable of altering overnight the ways and mores of millenia.
Manners and mores are examined and rituals attended to.
Ordinary journalistic mores unfortunately no longer apply.
To outsiders and locals alike, India's public mores are confusing.
The same cannot be said for the mores of all societies today.
You need people who understand the mores and etiquette.
Our loyalty is to its membership, its mores, and its brands.
It is always good to get a sense of the ways and mores of those around you.
We too often base our support or opposition to a change in mores on our socialized feelings rather than on reason.
Looking at the island through this filter radically illuminates its architecture, language, and mores.
The move to pay for eggs destined for research may also reflect changing mores.
We operate at many different social levels, often in packs of intolerable size, with conflicting mores and expectations.
The legal codifications, family and village registers and cultural mores of it, yes.
It's vastly more complex and deals with social and cultural mores and the objectification of females in our society.
Sometimes it can be cheaper than gas and sometimes it can be mores expensive.
He means the history of art and thought, mores and morality-the emergence of a modern culture, our culture.
The mores and values of military life are by necessity somewhat different from those of the civilian world.
Although the city is modern and relatively progressive, cultural mores run deep.
Besides ushering in a new tolerance of outsiders, the bride shortage has changed social mores in other ways.
Cultural mores and personal relationships are vitally important.
As cultural mores have changed, so has the prom--begrudgingly.
But it is important to remember that when it does, it will not be a simple reaction to changing social mores.
The term censorship to me implies that the content was altered to fit the generally-accepted social mores of the day.
It's anarchy, a structure which can afford great social freedom if based upon a common set of societal mores.
At best, they would arrive as uprooted foreigners, ignorant of the language and the mores that compose their new culture.
They are trying to work democracy effectively into the faith, and with it the promise of less easily traumatized mores.
Consistent with the mores and verities of turn of the century pulp publishing, racist depictions are common.
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