moped in a sentence

Example sentences for moped

When the price of petrol soared this year, he grafted a chainsaw engine onto a bicycle to make a moped.
Mankind has moped up tons of limits and boundaries set on its path to glory and dominance.
After his release, he moped around for days, his bruises slowly changing from deep blue to shallow yellow.
Finally, there is also the option of renting a moped.
If large animals aren't your thing, rent a moped or bicycle and explore the peninsula at your own pace.
If you want to explore, rent a car or a moped, but beware of the high winds that often come off the ocean.
The hotel also arranges excursions for guests, such as cruising the island on a moped, visiting a turtle farm and snorkeling.
He moped around the house and was a cranky father and husband.
You'll need a driver's license to rent a moped, and state law requires that you wear a helmet.
Then he moped, and let himself get burned for a quick layup.
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