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Interior antennas have made much of this moot.
Which factor is the more important and which is the least remains a moot question.
If you truly cannot repay your friend immediately, the question is moot.
The case could become moot before it ever has a chance to reach the high court.
He missed the free throw, of course, but it was moot.
All these discussions are moot.
The point that science flips flops back and forth on what is safe in not moot.
Whether you like them or not is a moot point.
Any conflicts I had with the guitar player are a moot point.
But arguing moot points is what academia is all about.
His concern then was for the great cetaceans, but today the same moot point might be made about the small.
Whatever the answer, the question is moot this election year.
By then even one loose nuke could make all other plans moot.
But when that order is exploded, the choice seems moot.
But in plays these vexing questions are mercifully moot: the characters speak for themselves.
Whether the agreement does anything to stabilise the euro is moot.
Whether the interests of these countries coincide with those of the wider world, though, is moot.
The usefulness of a kicking robot is moot, but the idea is certainly not new.
Whether anything short of reversing climate change can be done about all this is a moot question.
Whether such research really can help conservationists is moot.
Whether those plans ever made much sense remains moot.
But it is a moot question who exactly is subsidising whom.
If they're right then maybe the rest of this blog post is moot.
The political situation makes much of the argument moot.
The two sides then reached an agreement, rendering the case moot.
Whether all this largess will be enough to negate the huge economic incentive to poach tigers is moot.
All forecasts about population trends are moot while the world economic crisis has yet to peak.
If a majority of the population decides something isn't fair, better definitions are strictly moot.
It's funny as the question is and argument is entirely and utterly moot.
That's seven-or-so months that he could consolidate his position and make moot this whole fracas.
Annuities may be a moot point if the printing press is not brought under control.
If doing so means that the vehicles won't sell, then securing the technology is a moot point.
Of course they can't guarantee this, so the point is moot.
But there's a way for them to make this whole thing moot.
Now comes a new paper that suggests this whole to-do over messaging might be moot.
Of course if you do not feel the need to contribute anything to your partner's and lover's, then it's a moot point.
It'll happen one way or another anyway, so it may be a moot point.
The fact that these researchers didn't grasp that the inconsistencies were the point of the study is merely moot.
The question of what came before the big-bang is moot.
It means the observed temp change, whether warming or cooling, is within the margin of error and therefore moot and inconclusive.
The fact is that this whole discussion may be moot due to declining fossil fuels.
Whether proof be needed again that operas can be perpetuated on film is a moot point.
Whether it will entertain you, in the old-fashioned sense of that word, is moot.
Whether these apes naturally harbored the virus or whether they acquired it from humans remains a moot point.
It actually took me a year to realize that this is a moot point.
If you can't even convey the idea of expanding space, then all those secondary points are moot.
If the surface is the cosmological horizon, this is clearly not a moot point.
For these people many of the nominal benefits of a traditional college education are moot.
Ultimately though, with a sufficiently powerful computer, all of this would be moot.
It's a moot point as to whether different types of national eccentricity should be distinguished from one another.
If they succeed, the custody case would be moot, of course.
The general consensus is that it can't, which would make resuscitation something of a moot point.
Soon, however, some of these battles will become moot as results start to roll in from clinical trials in humans.
In one sense this debate is moot, because the crypto genie is out of the bottle.
It may be a moot point today but it was not back then.
In the first place, this question is moot since it depends upon which other variables are regarded as constant.
Plus it's eighteen years old and could well have been rendered moot by some subsequent case.
Their growing presence represents a trend that threatens to render moot the heated debate over tenure.
Many traditional age students have not had the opportunity to pay into the system with payroll taxes, so this argument is moot.
Never mind that the kind of apocalyptic changes that could occur may make the writing of poems moot.
Those involved with such work, however, see little reason to believe their studies will be quickly rendered moot.
Anyway, the point soon became moot because the economics of the arrangement stopped working.
Unless they are taking a real risk of being fired, the academic expectation of their level of productivity is to some degree moot.
Which one will burst sooner and which one more quickly is moot.
Review the procedures of the moot court with students.
The questions raised in appellants' appeal are moot for two reasons.
The motion to relieve counsel is denied, which renders the motion for extension of time moot.
Accordingly, the defendants' motion to dismiss is denied as moot.
Generally, a case becomes moot when any judgment rendered would have no practical legal effect on an existing legal controversy.
As the initial motion has been granted, the subsequent motion is moot.
As the appeal is dismissed, the motion for extension of time to file the appellant's brief is moot.
As a result, their legs are not exposed and the question of whether to wear stockings or not becomes moot.
The value question might be close to moot, because the cars are so different.
The fact is, he is no longer running for anything so it's all a moot point.

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