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As the warm weather comes on the moose are driven out of the thick woods by heat and flies.
The moose in the room, of course, is her lack of experience.
Bears also eat other animals, from rodents to moose.
Dust your moose regularly, but remember not to carry it by the antlers.
The moose was already severely wounded and probably would have died anyway.
Next up, was the parade of oversized moose warning signs, some complete with flashing caution lights.
We didn't spot any moose on our trip but this view absolutely made the trek worth it.
Discover how moose are at equally at home on land and in water.
These social animals cooperate on their preferred prey-large animals such as deer, elk, and moose.
To help maintain moose-free roads, wire fences and moose corridors have been established which protect both moose and travelers.
The shorelines have many inlets and coves where moose or deer are often spotted.
In the northern wilderness, the moose reigns as king.
Bathe in an icy lake and share a tasty supper of moose meat.
There were moose, horned bears and miniature zebras.
The transplanted wolf is killing the new born calves of deer, elk, and moose.
They drink from a fallen moose antler full of water and slush.
The moose have gone back of the timber line, and the bears are out of hibernation.
Infants prefer a nasty moose if it punishes an unhelpful elephant.
Families visiting the park can enjoy hiking, fishing and even searching for moose.
Get out your camera to photograph elk, deer, moose and bighorn sheep in their natural habitat.
Fall offers hunting seasons for moose, partridge and deer.
The animal tracks-wolf and moose-that had crossed our path diminished, then disappeared.
For now, the land belongs to the bear and moose-and the water to the fish.
Her husband sometimes hunts moose for their protein.
If that doesn't work for you, maybe moose, reindeer or herring will do the trick.
Moose make it easy for people to become enamored with them.
Moose have good hearing and an excellent sense of smell but not much is known about their eyesight.
Information on gustavus moose research, biology, and hunting.
Local hunters rely on moose as an important source of food.
Below are thumbnail images of various moose habitat.
Moose calf counts declined the year after higher mean temperatures were recorded.

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