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Example sentences for mooring

The children come running as soon as the boat pushes onto the riverbank, mooring next to empty handmade fish traps.
The shock through the length of his safety rope rips the mooring pitons from the rock.
After our first day's sail, there was a mooring near something that could be called either an enormous rock or a tiny island.
Mooring services available for those arriving by yacht.
Star docks are mooring facilities that float in the harbor.
The lake is open to the public and has four boat launches, although only lakefront lot owners can get docking and mooring permits.
Other services include boat rentals, fuel, dry storage and boat mooring.
Rooms come with the usual amenities, and the hotel has mooring for motorboats.
Marinas on the lagoon provide mooring for sightseeing boats, which can be rented by the hour or half day.
It has private docking and mooring for boats, and is less than a five-minute walk from the ferry stop.
But primary credit for mooring the picture to an earthly and earthy plane belongs to the two stars.
To apply for a temporary mooring while searching for a permanent mooring.
Access permit required to stop or use a mooring buoy.
As the boat approaches the dock, the vacuum pads extend and latch onto the ship, automatically mooring it.

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