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Asked why politicians build those monstrosities, he could only speculate that they wanted a monument to their regime.
What an amazing monument this monumental task has become.
These amazing places have also been suggested for national monument status.
The ruins are a protected monument and a popular tourist spot.
Each monument is handcrafted and has niches for sea life.
These unique landscapes have been suggested for national monument status.
Read on for an exhaustive list of the ingredients used to make this monument to obesity.
Moving the monument would help to mitigate congestion during rush hours.
They will erect a precautionary monument to you with a plaque that reads: my great-grandpa did this to us.
Until recently, the gray water was dumped overboard, becoming an orbiting monument to mankind.
Investigate the monument with the highest known density of archaeological sites in the nation.
Visitors to the site of his laboratory will see the monument to his dogs that he built with his own funds.
It would have been a far larger monument without those geologists keeping watch.
It did a noteworthy work, and its report is a monument in the history of the relations of labor and capital in this country.
Traditional yurt dwellings on display before a monument.
On the other, a stone's throw down a cliff, is a small slum-a monument to desperation and government failure.
It is a gracefully sited monument, and a showplace that flatters almost all the art placed inside it.
There were numerous parodic representations of the monument, the photo, the pose.
So utterly obvious, so literally out-on-the-table, the store's offerings seem a monument to forthrightness.
Here those seeking his monument have only to look about them.
Ship models, whaling equipment, and other maritime artifacts fill the museum near the monument's base.
But monument status does little to protect an animal's rich biological context.

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