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Non-native trees benefit from a monthly deep soaking.
Feed monthly with a complete houseplant fertilizer, following label instructions.
We pay monthly common charges, which have since gone up, and that seems unfair if they're reducing the common spaces.
Bring your pets with you and stay based on daily, weekly or monthly rates.
Even if your monthly budget is great, unless you allow for these miscellaneous expenses, you're not really budgeting.
Only digital photographs related to our specified monthly theme will be accepted.
We have a free monthly newsletter detailing our daily activities and conservation work with sharks.
All yakuza members, including bosses, must pay monthly dues to their syndicate.
We would film the mummy as the medical team, entrusted with his meticulous preservation, did their monthly examination.
Citizen scientists are asked to track daily or monthly precipitation amounts.
Our bodies didn't evolve under conditions of daily, weekly, monthly or even yearly bathing.
Or an intense, deadly rainstorm never shows up in a monthly average rainfall tally.
His symptoms appeared suddenly, and were so severe that he visited his doctor monthly and missed many school days.
They would then be spending no money monthly for utility power, but gradually paying down clean renewable energy instead.
By decoupling, they can raise rates or charge a flat monthly fee.
The monthly payments demanded for everything from cars to football boots are rising.
For the broader indexes, this is the fifth consecutive monthly decline.
Monthly indicators also suggest that the rate of economic contraction is slowing.
If you fail to show up once per week you will be billed the normal monthly membership fee for that month.
They even suggest that a monthly trade deficit is possible within the next year.
Several retail chains have also stopped providing monthly sales estimates because they cannot see what the future holds.
Offering to price options at, say, the monthly share-price low was useful in recruitment negotiations.
The subscriber database for our bi-monthly, award winning print magazine is managed by a third-party fulfillment company.
The cost may be built into your monthly service fees, but it's not free.
These meters actually transmit the data every few minutes, though data is only recorded monthly.
If you wish you can also pay on a monthly basis in this online backup service.
It could also display information on estimated monthly cost of operation under the two modes.
Visitors could use credit cards to make one-time donations or to sign up for recurring monthly contributions.
The monthly festival has turned out to be tough to pull off.
Welcome to the monthly newsletter about your health-insurance problems, not ours.
First of all, you carry the parasite in your pocket, and pay a monthly fee for the privilege.
All other business shall be left for the monthly meetings.
Those accepted received language and job training, and a generous monthly stipend.
He writes a monthly column on the media and politics.
His monthly column provided a glimpse inside high society, and captivated readers.
They had to pay monthly dues and share their windfall profits.
We're required to have monthly support-group meetings.
It's more about bandwidth, especially on smaller sites with low monthly download allowances.
The website will be updated monthly, so check back regularly to get a glimpse of the future of genetics.
Burning of houses and possessions by mobs is a monthly occurrence.
Wouldn't monthly data be less noisy than weekly data.
Monthly revisions result from additional sample reports and the monthly recalculation of seasonal factors.
For starters, your health history could ratchet up your monthly premium--or keep you from getting covered in the first place.
Moon-phase watches have a practical purpose: to track the stages of the moon through its monthly cycle.

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