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U mathematics professor, huddles with members of his winning team at a national high-school math championship this month.
So when someone talks about a blue moon today, they are referring to the second full moon in a month.
Steel prices are scheduled to increase next month in response to higher costs for metals used in making steel.
The second uses them but pays off the balance every month.
At that point, the number of unique visitors a month doesn't tell you much.
The third carries a balance and merely pays the minimum every month.
Still, this month the big film news is the festival.
Most volunteers opt to live on a farm for a few days, but some may stay a month or more.
If you want a finer texture, continue mixing and turning for another month or two.
Valued for a profuse show of color over long season-every month of the year in frost-free areas.
The amount and character of variegation on the leaves change with maturity, so the plant has a different look from month to month.
Forty years ago this month the lunar surface reverberated with life for the first time.
Water regularly and apply a complete fertilizer once a month.
They would occur several times a month the week before my period.
Irrigate twice a month in summer in the low desert and once a month elsewhere.
They can survive on rainfall but grow and bloom best if soaked deeply once a month.
Plant one or more this month for harvest this summer.
Mature drought-tolerant trees need deep watering only once a month or so.
The letter should explain and outline the proposed story idea, and suggest an appropriate month or season.
Tomatillos can be stored in the refrigerator up to a month.
Spectacular one-day outings to celebrate the greenest, breeziest month more.
Discover a new indulgence every day this month with these oh-so-Western treats.
Worthy and important, of course, but a sideshow to another of the events that is taking place this month.
Parliament had approved an austerity budget less than a month earlier.
Silver plummeted to a seven-month low, before rallying slightly.
Retailers are hoping for a repeat performance this month.
And month-on-month core changes have shown a steady drop in inflation.
It takes a month to cool each section, and a month to warm each one back up to normal temperatures again.
The phrase has come to refer to those rare occasions when a second full moon appears within a single calendar month.
The community in which you were raised did not gather around the television set every four years for a solid, breathless month.
One month notice means one month's notice of your intention to vacate.
And you owe through the end of whatever complete month your evacuation date falls.
Over the next month, nearly half of all high-school students will sneak a drink of alcohol.
Today, the six-month-old spends her time playing with the web camera, though the keepers describe her as shy.
There was a six-month supply of food and water-but not a soul to consume it.
They then recorded the month in which the error was made, and whether the incident occurred in a county with teaching hospitals.
But developers say that thin-film solar technology advances every month.
They told her to call in a month to find out more about if she can have the surgery.
Several hundred dead turtles washed up along the state's northern coast late last month.
What is more, a month later none of the animals had experienced adverse effects from the procedure.
Barely a month goes by without some newly uncovered fraudulent image making it into the news.
Packing her memorabilia for storage took more than a month.
Indeed, they belonged to a tranquilized two-month-old tiger.
At last month's sales pace, it would take nearly seven months to clear that backlog.
After the fifth month the two strata of cells are replaced by a single layer of somewhat flattened cells.
After the sixth month the air-sacs begin to make their appearance on the infundibula in the form of minute pouches.
About the third month the liver almost fills the abdominal cavity, and its left lobe is nearly as large as its right.
All the layers of the retina are completed by the eighth month of fetal life.
About the third month these unite below, and thus a deep groove is formed in which the cartilage is lodged.
Our minds are no less inventive, our goods and services no less needed than they were last week or last month or last year.
During pregnancy the uterus becomes enormously enlarged, and in the eighth month reaches the epigastric region.
Month follow month with woe, and year wake year to sorrow.
He practiced daily for more than a month before he could wobble up and down his driveway.
That's the highest number of new jobs for a month in three years.
Each month, a new cookbook is born, or a new television program with a new food star.
The devastating fires this month have ruined lives and livelihoods.
As far as flavors go, look for their flavor of the month.
The chefs specialize in a wide range of tapas, with dishes that highlight a particular region each month.
One month, he had vertigo every day, bouts in which he felt as if he were stuck to a wall.
She died in a nursing home one month short of ninety-one.
Anyone seeking spiritual progress would be advised to retire to a monastery for a month.
Later, he was so weary with the project that he took another six-month break.
Then he took their levels again after a month of regular play.
The brood hatches in a week and, feeding on reserves in the queen's body, grows to maturity in a month.
Researchers flush the tube with nutrients to mimic blood flow, allowing the vessel to mature for about a month.
She will receive follow-up surgery later this month to have permanent dentures attached to the jaw.
Add the cost of solar cells on top of your garage and an inverter and you are talking a grand a month.
The results of the study are being prepared for publication, and could be out next month.
Last month, two companies announced plans to decode the genomes of individual human beings.
Two prototypes will be shipped overseas later this year for a six-month demonstration.
Cost is the biggest problem with the wave of battery-powered vehicles that started to arrive on the market last month.
There are so many people working on it around the world, so every month there are new developments.
The researchers built a clinical prototype of the device this month and plan to begin clinical tests next year.
Do refinery unscheduled maintenance nationwide, for a month.
Nine organizations were compromised for one month or less.
All others were compromised for a minimum of one month, potentially allowing for complete access to all data on their servers.
Then you have shoes that last, rather than five pairs of super-trendy, out-next-month nighttime heels.
He goes on trial next month in a proceeding that could last as long as a year.
The tally this month, at four murders so far, looks headed in a similar direction.
The discounts will be awarded in the form of cash payments once a month.
We hold our discussions at a different house each month.

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