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Example sentences for monstrosity

The hotel is a generally comfortable old wooden monstrosity.
We ignore the monstrosity of managerial vocabulary too easily.
Call it what you will, but doing nothing is preferable to this monstrosity of a bill.
Some of the tourism plant is tasteful, but some is a monstrosity.
The space station is a failed monstrosity due to budget cuts etc.
We took a look at the audio settings and found the monstrosity pictured above.
He must be still waiting for a starlet to be delivered with this monstrosity.
Now, firefighters come to this shuttered monstrosity once a year to burn the house down, section by section.
He hates thinking alone and regards it as a monstrosity.
Building this monstrosity at such a critical urban intersection would be deadly.
The horror of the monstrosity its essential irrelevance.
The purple and white monstrosity sat in our yard for a few weeks, melting in the rain.
The company hasn't announced plans to green up this monstrosity yet, but it is making moves at some of its other facilities.
We visit the main monument first: a grey, concrete monstrosity.
Throughout the afternoon, some of the adults who were showing up wandered over to examine the monstrosity.
The space station is a failed monstrosity due to budget cuts etc etc etc.
The environmentalists are mostly against the corn ethanol monstrosity.
Even so, this foot-long, three burger monstrosity that is being tested may be the biggest yet.
The building swayed in the winds, a jagged, gaping monstrosity.
The elevated bikeways would help more people commute than the monstrosity of a bridge being planned downstate.
In fact that top structure was viewed by the company itself as somewhat of a monstrosity.
The monstrosity consists of a single continuous body, on each end of which is a well-formed head.

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Happiness is a monstrosity! Punished are those who seek it.... more
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