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It grows enough food to feed itself even when the monsoon disappoints.
The drained ponds fill back up when the monsoon rains arrive.
With each new incident of record monsoon floods, fires and earthquakes, more tremors shake the global economy.
And sunlight is weak during the three-month monsoon season.
The trigger for this year's drought was last year's scanty monsoon.
Monsoon seasons can turn a year on the road into a year in the mud, so plan carefully.
The spray-on waterproof leggings are engineered to withstand the monsoon season and breathe when temperatures rise.
The floods began last week in the northwest with abnormally heavy monsoon rains.
It corresponds with a weaker south-west monsoon and a longer dry season.
They said they were following orders to clear illegally built shanties ahead of the monsoon season.
They were unfailingly set against the backdrop of monsoon season, and there was always so much rain.
The result was further chaos on roads clogged by rubble and monsoon rains.
If the monsoon lives up to expectations, the prospect of a good summer harvest will help to quell food inflation.
The monsoon rains of the past month will help draw some of the criticism's sting.
The poor monsoon rains are also expected to reduce farm output this year.
It was monsoon season, absolutely pouring rain the entire time.
In the afternoons, their twin pinnacles are lost in the monsoon rain clouds.
The city has a miasmic, sweetly offensive odor impregnable to the monsoon or to the daily industrial pollution.
And she no longer has to work outdoors all day in the blazing sun and torrential monsoon rain.
The effects of the monsoon will be felt by everyone.
The past month's monsoon rains will draw some of the criticism's sting.
Actually it is pretty cloudy and gets a real drenching during the monsoon.
About a third of this extremely poor country floods annually during the monsoon rainy season, hampering economic development.
If the monsoon fails, it diminishes their purchasing power, and that isn't good for the economy.
The streets of this small coastal capital bustled today in the heat of the pre-monsoon sun, after a curfew was lifted.
The operation involved seeding monsoon thunderstorms with silver iodide.
Apparently the region catches a bit of the monsoon, and so has a rainy season.
These areas are likely to be clear, since the monsoon will probably have departed several weeks earlier.
Still, as she deftly fashions her hair into a neat coil, she remembers how her husband would always compare it to monsoon clouds.
Three weeks earlier a monsoon destroyed several thousand unfired bricks that had been left drying on factory grounds.
The monsoon season is only a few days away, and already it is raining.
The food is delicious, the climate excellent even now in the monsoon, and hotels elegant and graceful.
Winters were wet and then cool, monsoon downpours followed by a clear, clean light.
The monsoon seems to be weakening, travelling less far inland and dumping its rainfall on the coasts.
Their list of woes begins with last summer's poor monsoon, which has depressed agricultural growth this year.
When the axial tilt is higher, the monsoon bands move farther away from the equator.
New research found that an abnormal intense monsoon precipitation is to blame for the existence of the snow in the first place.
The campaign was also timed to take place during the pre-monsoon season when large convective thunder clouds develop every day.
For those looking to beat the crowds, however, the monsoon season is not a bad idea.
With the return of the late monsoon rains, the session breaks up.
Taken after heavy monsoon rains abated and sky presented a golden hue during the evening sunset.
Pollution is heavy even at the height of the monsoon.
The short spring is already a distant memory, and the heat- and dust-quelling monsoon rains are still weeks away.
Heavy monsoon rains won't alter their wedding plans, but the escalating conflict might.
Sewage facilities, hugely inadequate in the monsoon season, run alongside the housing.

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