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Example sentences for monotony

Something outlandish every 12 minutes or so breaks the monotony for the students.
The secret to maintaining this balance over the long haul is to avoid letting moderation turn into monotony.
It was the perfect escape from the monotony of his work and the pain in his personal life.
Hours and hours of straight roads with little if anything of interest to break up the monotony.
Time and monotony and fatigue play tricks on human beings.
At a certain point the monotony did indeed engender something like madness.
In-class reading and writing activities might be helpful for breaking up the monotony of lecture.
They simply appreciate visitors who speak their language and can ease the monotony.
The road had become, almost unbelievably, a monotony of beauty.
They searched for ways to break the monotony.
On the contrary it would lose its present monotony and tediousness.
Only one incident occurred to break the monotony of the curious procession.
But the monotony got to him, and he longed to see the world.
The two others who drop in towards the end of each of the two acts, that must be in order to break the monotony.
But everything palls in the long run, and this monotony ended up wearying me, too.
So when a new face appears to break up the monotony it's exciting.
After a while, even though the pace is still rapid and new occurrences are born daily, monotony sneaks up on you.
Limiting variety may reduce intake through long-term sensory-specific satiety and/or monotony.
To break the day-to-day monotony, the gunners practiced firing artillery at range markers placed in the river.
Prior to that time, he broke the monotony of farm life by traveling, and made frequent trips to both coasts.
Complaints focused on the monotony of the work required, the behavior of fellow convicts, and isolation from family and friends.

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