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Example sentences for monotone

Waves of speeches roll by, reduced by the translator's monotone to a lulling sea song.
The computer then read her answer aloud, in a monotone and with all the wrong inflections.
At rallies even his own supporters were fast bored by the former lawyer's monotone drawl.
People who don't, won't, or can't think about what they are hearing will be satisfied by a pulsating monotone.
For confirmation of the language thing, try standing with your back to a dog and giving commands in a monotone.
As he slurred his monotone words, the crowd yawned, and quickly thinned.
Their fiery halos relieved the green monotone that by late summer ruled the garden.
Rank correlation is preserved under monotone transformations, which includes the log.
To play the game, you record yourself in a monotone.
He read his testimony as if working his way through the agate in a bond offering, his voice a dead-on-arrival monotone.
The defendant spoke in a monotone voice and often gazed at his attorney while speaking.
If there were good ideas buried in that deluge of verbiage, they were obscured by his dreary monotone.
The number of speeches he garbles in his heavily accented monotone can be counted on the fingers of one hand.
That's not something that happens in the monotone of everyday life.
He or she rushes through it, reading in a monotone without looking up, or goes way over or under the specified time limits.
He speaks only to announce his majority opinions, reading summaries in a gruff monotone.
Sitting alone in my office, my voice would be much quieter and monotone.
But she reads it in a dead monotone and gives no response to the feelings expressed.
The film goes on and on in a kind of reverential narrative monotone.
They choose a tone or emotion for each speech and barrel through it in an energetic monotone.
And so on in an eternal monotone that seemed to both of them infinitely charming, infinitely new.
Too bad they thought they had to make the zoom monotone.
His hands were shaking slightly as he read on and on, but his voice was a placid monotone.
From her dress to her makeup to her monotone answers, she was bland.
Navy eyeliner rimmed her beautiful blue eyes, and pancake foundation created a monotone complexion.
The details emerged in a monotone, her face expressionless.
It is terribly discomforting to hear a voice so famously monotone disintegrate into squeaky phonemes.
They may speak in a monotone, and may not respond to other people's comments or emotions.
Why commonplace remarks that carry no emotion have to be made in a chanting monotone is a problem in art he cannot fathom.

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subways, rivered under streets and rivers . . . in the car the overtone of motion underground, the monotone... more
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