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Example sentences for monologue

At least I know how to keep a good monologue going.
This was supposed to be a serious monologue.
They all have a little secret monologue going on, like we all do.
Sometimes you need to grit your teeth and just do a monologue.
But much of her counsel reads like a stand-up comic's scattershot monologue.
Your reply seems more like a monologue than an answer.
It is, at most, a kind of global inner monologue.
That is what we call in tragedy a monologue.
Take a step back, listen to the monologue and laugh.
In the first act, the actors present prepared monologues.
However, at last all the guests had arrived and the usher's brutal monologue perforce came to an end.
Then he launched into a rambling, defensive monologue.
The best ballads have already been written, the best monologue and soliloquy songs have been written.
But from a comedian's standpoint and my monologue writers, thank you.
His monologue is mesmerizing but not totally accurate.
By contrast, overhearing both sides of a cell-phone conversation or a monologue does not result in decreased performance.
But then yet another scene featured a long, mumbling monologue to a horse.
Although the opening skews the monologue, it doesn't entirely spoil it.
She launches into an expository monologue that lasts more than a minute.
The joke-to-apology ratio was skewed toward jokes, and the entire monologue was funny, or intended to be.
Where people have no inner monologue, since omission is lying too.
Much of this film is being told with one specific line, as opposed to a monologue.
They simulcast the running monologue in their heads.
Watch him at the end of the monologue in that film, where he's talking to the jury.
Details how the students were offered three options: a screenplay, a multi-genre paper, or a monologue.
Participants were asked to describe pictured scenes and to provide a monologue on a topic of their choice.

Famous quotes containing the word monologue

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In order to cultivate yourself and to drop no lower than the level of the milieu in which you have landed, it is not eno... more
I like to hold a monologue with women. But a dialogue with myself is more stimulating.... more
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