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His goal in this chaste romance is avoidance of the monotony that monogamy presumably brings.
Dim sum frees you from culinary monogamy, never asking you to commit.
After 28 years of polygamous marriage, Spencer has lived the last 19 years in monogamy.
In the film, Joey is basically a decent guy with some rough edges and an aversion to monogamy.
More romantic about monogamy than any group I've ever seen.
Serial monogamy may be replacing marriage-for-life.
Is the idea of monogamy a perpetuation of patriarchy?
As long as we don't make research monogamy a moral imperative.
In our own time, everything conspires to persuade us that monogamy is beyond the reach of ordinary humans.
Feathers, claws, and beaks of the cranes are also used in drinks and as decorations for promoting monogamy and affection.
Drug free monogamy is still a pretty normal thing, in no way untenable.
It seems as though these are wired up in a way that causes the animal to take pleasure from monogamy.
Theories about brain enlargement, or the origins of monogamy, have been bandied about for years.
But it would be as absurd to castigate them for those activities as it is to congratulate them for their monogamy.
He was a serial monogamist, only he wasn't so hot on the monogamy part.
And depending on your particular chemical make-up, monogamy might be easier or harder.
What would be truly original, at this cultural moment, would be a straight-up celebration of monogamy.
Every character is a walking placard-for capitalism or idealism or monogamy or the status quo.
Sill, the norm of monogamy worked against the interests of elite males in a relative individual sense.
Constrained mate choice in social monogamy and the stress of having an unattractive partner.

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