monocle in a sentence

Example sentences for monocle

Clad in a well-cut suit, white spats and the inevitable monocle dangling from his neck.
He wore impeccably tailored tweed suits and sometimes a monocle.
When some guy with a monocle burst through the back door.
And no more funky monocle attached to a helmet for a heads-up display.
Peanut is still spiffy with his monocle and cane, but he might be getting an update.
Take a silhouette of any creature and perfect it by adding a top hat, cane and perhaps a monocle.
Lang exchanged his monocle for thick-lensed spectacles.
They let buildings, escape routes, and potential enemy locations be marked in green on every soldier's monocle.
He is precise about sticking a monocle in his eye and also in getting into trouble at the psychological instant.
He stands poised at the forefront of his generation of writers, with the need to affect neither monocle or cane.
Woe is me for the by-gone days when everyone read the dictionary and the world was filled with monocle-wearing, tweedy professors.
In place of the thick-lensed spectacles he wore a monocle.
It's the kind of place you half expect to find a talking rabbit wearing a monocle and vest and reading by candlelight.
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