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At first glance, it might present as a monochrome horizon, a brown soup of unrelieved dullness.
It will create satisfying images even if one has access only to a monochrome display.
All too often, the beauty of scientific knowledge gets trapped in monochrome graphs and jarring acronyms.
The suspect's bent head, the blinding light, the blue monochrome and the reflection all help.
Even more extraordinary prices were paid for some monochrome vessels.
Within the caves, the monochrome lifelessness of the desert gave way to an exuberance of color and movement.
On the other, the arid monochrome of dull and vicious theocratic fascism.
Even the color is virtually monochrome, delicately tinted as if by a retoucher.
For example, earlier cellphones only had monochrome displays and the maximum you could do was text messages or call someone.
Examples of these are the celadon and monochrome porcelains.
These are the monochrome characters who dominate three of the four acts, the ones suited to the production's b&w design.
Struggles with monochrome, reflective, and translucent objects.
The latter is essentially monochrome, colored green to simulate more traditional night vision technology.
Two, there have got to be better ways to rejuvenate or subvert the convention of the modernist monochrome canvas.
Various monochrome imaging techniques have been used for the determination of agricultural product quality.

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Nostalgia, the vice of the aged. We watch so many old movies our memories come in monochrome.... more
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