monochromatic in a sentence

Example sentences for monochromatic

He is a strange bright bird in a world where people are supposed to be monochromatic.
Since the electrons carry no color information, night vision devices have monochromatic screens.
His monochromatic work is executed with graphite sticks and gesso washes, merging drawing with painting.
Both groups are in the same family of monochromatic seabirds.
Mind you, a monochromatic palette has its downsides.
After years of monochromatic minimalism and flea-market camp, ladylike is back.
The ballet requires virtuoso dancing of a sort that is more sustained and monochromatic sheen than bursts of sparkling fireworks.
Subtle monochromatic tone-on-tone colors create his moods.
Carry one with your own mashed-up print outfit or as a pop of color with a monochromatic look.
Bjornson was a wizard of darkness, monochromatic palettes and mysterious grand staircases.
Jack has descended into a pit of booze and monochromatic self-pity.
Several monochromatic stills of the film's last shot are added to fill out the song's time.
The mostly monochromatic backgrounds have the delicacy of old etchings.
But her grim, monochromatic performance is too closed in to allow us to feel her obsessive rage.
Autochromes afford a remarkably colorful glimpse into what is usually considered a monochromatic era.
And, paradoxical as it may seem, it is there more than ever in the monochromatic paintings of his last years.
Not monochromatic of course, yet starlight far more coherent than laser light.
You'll rarely sees crystal-clear blue skies here, but the muted sunlight creates a cool, monochromatic mood.
Light of one constant wavelength is called monochromatic light.
Lasers produce light that is close to monochromatic, and is in phase.
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