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He would, for instance, mark that a monkey had turned its head when the monkey didn't so much as flinch.
Because we're not yet ready to monkey with our own selves that way.
The joker in the deck is a vervet monkey who also likes the fruit the staff puts out.
Researchers train a monkey to feed itself by guiding a mechanical arm with its mind.
One of these targets would give the monkey advance information about its future reward.
Chimps eat monkeys, which is likely how they acquired the monkey viruses.
Researchers who once dismissed another team's cloning method used the disputed process to create monkey embryos.
In each session a monkey was presented with a number of dots.
When our robotic overlords finally do take over, there's a decent chance they'll do it with monkey brains.
Despite their name, these rare primates have far more in common with their monkey relatives than any feline.
If a monkey looked at the speaker, this was taken as an indication that a difference was noticed.
The goal, of course, is to be the last monkey standing.
It includes mild profanity and monkey bathroom jokes.
The brain of the macaque monkey has a distinct area dedicated to recognizing faces, according to a new study.
Scientists have made reprogrammed stem cells from an endangered rhinoceros and a monkey.
Given enough time and money, any grease monkey can design a fuel-efficient, low-emissions car.
Our best conception of the cosmos is that of a curious monkey playing with a piece of broken mirror.
Trek into the rain forests with a spider monkey expert.
These were not the organ grinder with his monkey or a completely illiterate gangster.
The charred hand of a monkey stuck out of one, fingers clenched.
And there were three other animals that were his comrades-a monkey, a jackal, and an otter.
If the monkey shifted its eyes, it was rewarded with juice.
The only survivor was the ships monkey who was hung by the townsfolk.
He could no more go to the moon then he could change the climate or evolve from a monkey.
Even the animals are invisible, although sometimes one can hear the bellow of monkey choruses.
For monkey enthusiasts there are lemurs, the spry, wide-eyed relatives of monkeys.
Every single monkey, baboon, and ape in the movie is a product of this performance capture technology.
The endangered mantled howler monkey lives in the southern part of the country.
Snow monkeys live farther north than any other monkey.
Robot arm wit a gripper responds to monkey thoughts.
The animals have been switched from monkey chow to fruits and vegetables, a diet now common in zoos.
These scientists tried to do the same thing with monkey embryos, but the cultured embryonic stem cells they injected didn't take.
First each monkey was trained to press a lever on a machine to receive a popcorn treat.
They preferred to crawl along the ground, a dangerous proposition for a small monkey.
Everyone wanted to see the monkey perform his tricks.
They say the monkey scratches its fleas with the key that opens its cage.
When the monkey noticed one of the researchers reach out and pick up a peanut, exactly the same cells became active again.
It takes two months of monkey-watching to be sure that a batch is safe.
By moving its wrist, the monkey could manipulate a cursor on a computer screen.
It's quite distinctive, even if it doesn't posses the pointy bit that proves you're descended from a monkey.
The book will be killed not directly by new technology but by the monkey mind it breeds.
Even if you're a grease monkey, she says, there's no reason you can't keep your fingernails clean.
As the monkey image became more distorted, the macaques reacted negatively.
We don't have a lot of monkey experiments to call upon here.
Her lengthy online bio makes no mention of the monkey business that made her famous, but it suggests a happy ending.
It's her and a monkey and they go around befriending possible sources.

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