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Limit kids' exposure to screens of any kind, and monitor what they are allowed to watch.
Workers in a boat monitor the device as it fills with water.
Clients are paid monthly, and Alibris offers online reporting for booksellers to monitor sales.
Tests using floating nucleic acids could diagnose disease, monitor pregnancy and weed out "mad" cows.
The subjects then watched names of the items flash across a monitor.
We watch on the video monitor.
But ignoring the need for that, and the consequences of failure to monitor, is not responsible or educated.
Financial monitor sees limited subprime fallout.
The volunteer has been holding a monitor to the turtle's heart.
The display is essentially a super-sized version of the 24-inch monitor already available.
Establish and monitor the operating budget of the school.
Each country has their own system and agency to monitor their territorial volcanoes.
In one experiment, the robot was programmed to monitor noise in a room that people periodically entered.
Whichever direction the experiment went, there was a simple way to monitor the progress.
He will monitor the operation, to make sure that none of the gold in the pool is stolen by workers.
Colleges must monitor the work of the providers and make sure they are meeting students' needs.
One of the advantages to standard platforms is the ability to closely monitor exam conditions etc.
Always limit the length of a meeting and monitor the time so that it doesn't go on too long.
When he's in his office, he still uses a laptop connected to a large monitor.
Now he uses the clickers to monitor students' understanding, guiding which concepts to review based on student responses.
He has stepped aside from running the mallow cutting but returns to the island every few months to monitor the plants and burrows.
There simply is not time to grade homework, much less monitor it for cheating.
Why recreate the wheel, unless it really is to monitor and regulate discussions.
At each station, someone was staring at a monitor with two huge fingerprints on it.
In some cancers of blood or of immune cells there are characteristic rearrangements that can be used to monitor the disease.
His first post detailed why it's a good idea to calibrate your computer monitor regularly.
Citizens should have the right to monitor and post information about the activities of government and government officials.
For a full year after injection, the researchers will monitor the patients' cognition and vision.
But researchers now realize that paying attention to what was previously considered noise can help monitor global climate change.
That's why it's important for patients to monitor blood sugar levels and make sure they're staying within an acceptable range.
While you wear the monitor, it records your heart's electrical activity.
The ultrasound monitor displays his left ventricle, the valves opening and closing.
The camera is attached to a video monitor in the operating room.
The surgeon looks at the monitor to see the inside of your knee.
But several companies are exploring ways to monitor and deliver more detailed end-use data even now.
The firm will also have to hire a consultant to monitor its practices.
Sometimes this test is done while you are exercising or under minimal stress to monitor changes in the heart.
Governments with limited resources are often ill-equipped to monitor a profusion of local and regional newspapers.
Today's legislation is based on an ability to measure and monitor materials, and calculate risk.
Drivers also can monitor the state of charge of their vehicle online and by cell phone.
Children were given a choice of gazing at a monitor with more or less visually stimulating lights.
Most corporate travel agencies monitor price fluctuations constantly to determine if their clients are eligible for a credit.
Every state should create an independent agency to monitor prisons and jails, the commission says.
We'll monitor his back situation going forward, but owners should be holding here.
He clicked on the link, then took in the sepia-toned image that opened on his monitor.
Ledger trots his horse over to the playback monitor and pries the helmet from his head.
Unless you heat your monitor to that same temperature, you can only approximate the way a star shines, and the colors will be off.
The computer monitor is face down and unplugged on the desk.
What is needed is neither denial nor panic, but a sober effort to monitor the situation and adapt.
He showed his subjects a pattern of colored blocks in the upper left-hand corner of the computer monitor.
The setup is designed to monitor the focus of attention in a fly's brain.
It turns out that if you self-monitor this way, you can really be in trouble in a sports situation.
Trophoblastic cells secrete hcg, and by measuring levels of hcg in the blood, doctors can monitor the course of disease.
They can only be taken in concert with a strict diet and require frequent blood tests to monitor glucose levels.
One method would involve learning to monitor one's own brain waves.
Obviously you would support the kidneys with good hydration and constantly monitor in case dialysis was warranted perhaps.
E-paper is basically a computer monitor so thin it could be rolled up and put in a pocket.
His earlier research had shown that other lizard species-such as iguanas, legless lizards, and monitor lizards-are also venomous.
The team used lasers to monitor vibrations as they were oscillated by a lab device called a mini-shaker.
Instruments and cameras inside the trap allow scientists to monitor a captured fish's behavior and biology.
Team members monitor ecological health, build research camps, and collect data on local species.
Combined, these tools could monitor environmental conditions at hazardous work sites or detect leaks in water and gas pipelines.
Diabetics may someday be able to monitor their glucose without poking themselves to get a drop of blood.
To protect themselves, platforms of all kinds would be pressured to actively monitor and police user behavior.
Its dual mandate is to control inflation and monitor employment, but outside the bounds of politics.
The current study was specifically designed to monitor personality changes.
App stores are exploding with programs designed to help people monitor their health using a smart phone.
But if a country objects to monitoring within its borders, it would still be possible to monitor its emissions from outside.
Converting genetic activity into music may be a way to monitor health.
Unfortunately, many critical distribution cables are underground, which makes them difficult for people to access and monitor.
The technology consists of pills that report when they've been taken, and sensors that monitor the body's responses.
The nightshirt is embedded with fabric electronics to monitor the wearer's breathing patterns.
The electronics could also help monitor the healing process from inside the body.
As the technology matures and cheapens, it could ultimately replace current computer-monitor and television technologies.
Machines in the earthquake network would monitor motion and report big shakes to a central server.
But the question is how best to monitor what's going on in a way that is relevant to other asteroids.
Once in the body, the radio could provide wireless communication between the tiny biological sensors and an external monitor.
The robot consists primarily of a flat screen monitor, with audio and video recording equipment.
Estrin develops technology for sensor networks in remote areas that monitor seismic activity, among other things.
And there are concerns that chips could one day be used to monitor the movement of those with implants.
The shaking of a bridge could power tiny sensors to monitor the structure's physical integrity.
And sensors will monitor energy usage and readjust it during off-hours.
The government can and should monitor all transactions, even those over-the-counter.
Rather, it will simply monitor the safety of inserting them into people.
Advances in medicine and public health policy have made a big difference in the ability to monitor emerging serious illnesses.
They can monitor a senior's well being, health and/or activity while at home, then send the information out electronically.
Not only does it monitor what your players are saying, it also monitors what is being said to and about your players.
They must monitor the amnesty wire to see which high-priced veterans from other teams get waived and enter free agency.
Educators should monitor and report bullying consistently to prevent future incidents.

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