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Example sentences for moniker

Frequent poster under another moniker for anonymity.
Hunter-gatherers' practice of scouring surroundings for edible plants is responsible for only half of their moniker.
As its moniker suggests, this small fish is something of a puzzle.
It's a popular moniker of cubital tunnel syndrome-neuritis, or inflammation of the ulnar nerve.
The catchier moniker came to him in a moment of inspiration on the subway, he says.
Neither a century nor a lustrum is typically graced with any special moniker.
The moniker is given to the full moon that falls closest to the autumnal equinox.
It didn't even have to have a fanciful moniker that trips off the tongue and cutely embeds a synonym for friend.
The editors do a great disservice to the well established moniker of this magazine.
These are a bit thinner and lighter thus the minimalist moniker.
If that body politic doesn't openly revile him, they aren't even worthy of the moniker of reform.
The robot's moniker came from its tendency to shake when the machine came to an abrupt stop.
The climate change moniker may buy the politicos a year or two.
Actually, the first band's moniker is difficult to say only in polite company.
The media continues to use the moniker without regard for the details.
Longtime lurker, occasional past poster, registered with a new moniker.
Maybe he's been coming and going under a different moniker.
It's a moniker some parents proudly claim as they deluge college offices with their questions.
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