moneymaking in a sentence

Example sentences for moneymaking

Going to college in the moneymaking eighties lacked a certain radicalism.
Of course, as a moneymaking venture, this might be completely crazy.
But others have simply accepted that, for them, music is not a moneymaking business.
We do not expect that this will be a huge moneymaking venture.
Once an audience is there, there are all sort of moneymaking opportunities.
The next transformative, moneymaking technologies and businesses are coming soon to a garage near you.
He has fallen into a noncreative moneymaking routine that has nothing to do with the cinema.
The moneymaking part is about playing the margins of transactions.
Many of the top moneymaking films of all time have been science fiction movies.
She added that their trailer park business was not a moneymaking business.
She bought moneymaking books, guidebooks, and other instructional pamphlets in hopes of raising money.

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A madhouse of frenzied moneymaking and frenzied pleasure-seeking, with none of the corners chipped off. It ... more
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