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The money supply turns over on average about three times a year.
Further, a growing economy requires a growing money supply.
Inflation was kept in check because the money supply was strictly tied to the average lease value of the land.
Remember, inflation is not a rise in prices, but rather an increase in the money supply.
In this way, without anyone paying much notice, subprime mortgage debt entered the money supply.
The question, really, is whether gold should be tracking the dollar and/or money supply at all.
He believes that an independent central bank is the best way to control money supply to achieve price stability.
But then once this policy is successful, you have to rein in the money supply as fast as you can.
It cannot be done by controlling only the money supply.
Higher money supply growth would have the same effect as always.
The standard response to a demand shock is to use monetary policy: cut interest rates and increase the money supply.
Financial deregulation and innovation made the money supply harder to interpret, let alone control.
Another key role of fiscal stimulus when the private sector is deleveraging is that of stopping the money supply shrinking.
There's demand, the money supply simply isn't reaching them so their demands have no voice.
He thought they should limit inflation by targeting the rate of growth of the money supply.
Let's say that the economy can only stably support a money supply of nine cents.
Yet tight controls on the money supply have kept inflationary pressure lower than feared.
Fisher showed that good management of the money supply could contribute to stability.
If the state is in a surplus, cutting taxes does not increase the money supply at all.
It is not money supply but investment that decides growth, market interest rate and employment.
But that is a bit of a cop-out in an age where notes and coins are only a small proportion of the money supply.
But newer games have more control over the money supply, which seems to reduce such trading.
The central theme is that the money supply has endogenous features due to the lack of an interest rate mechanism.
The authors find that money supply growth drives nominal exchange rate changes with no feedback effects.
There are many variables to consider, but in the long term the dollar price of gold represents past inflation of the money supply.
Monetary policy is conducted in the form of a money supply rule.
Monetary inflation is primarily a result of national money supply considerations.
The only way that excess dollars can exist over a sustained period is for excessive growth in the money supply itself.
Debtors hoped that issuing new silver coins would expand the money supply and make it easier for them to pay their debts.
Therefore, this approach involves no permanent increase in the money supply and it does not increase our national debt.
Volcker concentrates on controlling the money supply instead of keeping interest rates low.

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