money changing in a sentence

Example sentences for money changing

Those too ought be laid at the doorstep of an out of control money changing syndicate.
The hips and knees are synthetic, but it's real money changing hands.
She cut the conversation short as the kids selected some of her wares and left without any money changing hands.
However, the flotilla of tourist boats and money changing hands should tip you off that you've arrived at a major attraction.
Students will explore plot organization by designing a flow chart for a story about money changing hands.
Money changing fees are a reimbursable travel expense.
According to plan, the group went to the bank on the main square so all could do whatever money changing they had to do.
The big concern is nonprofit but there is money changing hands somewhere here and he asked where it is going.
The parties resolved the lawsuit by executing a mutual release, with no money changing hands, several months later.
And anytime that much money changing hands, some people are going to want to steal some of it.
Access to data is a bartered arrangement, with no money changing hands.
The only money changing hands is continued collection of legal fees at small businesses expense.
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