money belt in a sentence

Example sentences for money belt

Pickpockets and purse snatchers are unlikely to grab your money belt because it is strapped to you, out of sight.
Leave valuables and jewelry behind, and bring a money belt for long overnight trips or places where you don't feel safe.
When you are done, store the cards in a money belt that fits across your body and under your clothes.
Use a money belt to carry your cash and have it secured in a position that you can access discreetly.
Use reasonable precautions, such as hiding cash in a money belt, and avoid walking in deserted areas late at night.
Try a money belt with a zippered compartment or a small cash pouch worn under the shirt.
Wear a neck wallet or money belt and never carry more cash than you can afford to lose.
Place your credit card in a secure wallet or money belt inside of your jacket or shirt.
Another safe place to keep valuables is in a pouch or money belt worn under your clothing.
She always had a money belt with money in it of course.
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