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It was built for the seclusion of monastic life, and it still looks forbidding and unapproachable.
And yet, at other moments, the production also captures the music and rhythms of the monastic life with both dignity and poetry.
Political training has become a routine, and officially mandatory, feature of monastic life.
When the monastic community here makes a decision about materials, they think about the long term.
The resulting travel experience often involves great distance and monastic silence.
With monastic diligence, workers sit in book-scanning stations and manually turn pages all day long.
The surrounding cliffs were honeycombed with dozens of small caves, dug out either as monastic residences or for rituals.
Pleasantly colorful as it is, the robes are reminders of academia's monastic past.
Within monastic communities, particular attachments were seen as threats to group cohesion.
It could tell us a bit about the movement of materials around the monastic houses.
The second is that cars are not going to become monastic cones of silence.
The thanks he has always received for his service makes his monastic existence worthwhile.
The final work justifies every meticulous, monastic, masochistic effort.
It's been a long time since scholarship and teaching were carried on in monastic surroundings.
Part of the present ugliness in monastic construction may have a bitter root.
It was wrong to make a monastic withdrawal from society, equally wrong to embrace the world.
Monastic estates were set up in the area over subsequent centuries.

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