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The machines sitting in the shop seem to be made to last as long as the monastery itself.
One of my favorites was to a monastery on the top of a mountain.
The monastery and its paintings are in grave danger.
But technology, not spirituality, has brought me to the monastery.
Some of them are even commissioned by monasteries to brew ales or are licensed to use a monastery name.
He was extremely talented and later left the monastery.
The monastery went to court to challenge the decisions.
The existence of this monastery tucked into the northeast quadrant of the nation's capital is a surprise even to many locals.
The monastery was then sealed off and surrounded by armed police.
To begin with, they were exclusively friars and priests attached to the monastery.
It was also a monastery or some such church facility.
His monastery had never recruited, advertised or sold itself.
Almost all these treasured works are housed in university and monastery libraries where they are seldom seen by outsiders.
If they choose, they can spend their whole lives in a monastery.
But at that moment it was as calm and quiet as a monastery cloister.
To wander through its hushed offices at night is to find oneself in a monastery of the information age.
Anyone seeking spiritual progress would be advised to retire to a monastery for a month.
Those tourists, who were also on a trip to the monastery, were released a few hours later.
The abbot gives him responsibility for the monastery's financial affairs, but things do not go well.

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