mommy in a sentence

Example sentences for mommy

They're mommy's didn't teach them to share with the others.
For hours on end, day after day, cyclists endure the sort of agony that makes normal people cry for their mommy in ten seconds.
There are almost as many mommy blogs and app review sites set up by parents as there are apps for them to review.
Universities could hire and retain many of the talented people currently now relegated to the mommy track of contingent status.
Many of them expect you to be their nurturing mommy and cater to their every whim.
If daddy and mommy are rich, you get to go to college.
He was convinced she had left him and started crying and wailing for his mommy.
Once upon a time, a mommy blogger was married to a daddy blogger, and they had two babies.
On playgrounds and in mommy groups, parents eye each other warily.
There are differences between the gray wars and the mommy wars, of course.

Famous quotes containing the word mommy

The caretaking has to be done. "Somebody's got to be the mommy." Individually, we underestimate this need, ... more
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