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The law of conservation of momentum--a profound physical law--governs the motion of colliding objects.
This rotation can be described as angular momentum, a conserved measure of its motion that cannot change.
It has more momentum than you would expect for its velocity.
As the cloud collapses, both its mass and angular momentum remain constant.
You have this huge momentum, 1000 tons behind you.
It was just there, like it was a snowball that picked up momentum as it went along.
There will be two conserved quantities – momentum and energy.
It's so difficult to measure popularity, momentum and public opinion.
Hollywood gossip fans could sustain the momentum.
The momentum of her flight sets the old swing to rocking.
It's been fun watching the heirloom edible movement regain momentum.
And a new series of talks for collectors adds to the momentum.
He wanted to keep the tree without ornaments, realize fully the direction and momentum of this new start.
Resembling small hurricanes, the dancers leap and spin round and round, gathering momentum as they whirl past the crowds.
But the vision of a world powered by hydrogen is gaining momentum and science and technology is catching up.
Dam building has experienced a resurgence, while at the same time a dam removal movement is gaining momentum in some areas.
When a new eye wall starts forming around the existing wall, the event temporarily slows a hurricane's momentum.
There was something amazingly human about the fact that he tried to do this thing that gathered this awful momentum.
Keep the eco-friendly momentum going by including energy-saving tips in your school newspaper or newsletter.
Always glad to see the electric car gaining momentum.
The conveyor's momentum continues as the cooling water grows dense and sinks.
During the trial, the momentum seemed to swing from one side to the other, and then back.
Particles could carry momentum into the extra dimension, and that could actually be observable.
As creative momentum steps in during the process so do introspective thoughts and feelings.
To change this momentum, you have to alter the motion of the singularity at its center.
Though the left has the money and the momentum, the fragmentation of the political right is entering a new and fascinating phase.
All three come down under the basket, and their momentum carries them out-of-bounds.
Sensing controversy and a change in momentum, the media were eager to pounce.
You're able to sustain narrative momentum for hundreds of pages.
For better or for worse, sitcoms tend not to have much forward momentum.
What's important is that the momentum to conserve remains even when the drought lessens in severity.
Even late in the show, when momentum should have been building, they took long breaks between songs.
Once that buying began, the market gained momentum, which led to wider-spread buying as the followers began to buy stocks.
On the bright side, the food movement will gather even more momentum.
He's almost emblematic of a revolution that has run out of ideas, of energy, of momentum.
The momentum right now may be running in the other direction.
It implies that there is momentum behind their cause.
Then a distressing event interrupted the momentum of his life: a house he had lived in and used for storage burned.
Potentially, this could create a chain reaction in which the candidate received a fresh dose of momentum every week or two.
Now, he has got a horse with momentum on its side and an abundance of talent.
Others, however, gain a catastrophic momentum and often claim lives.
But rebuilding the region itself will not gain momentum before the next decade.
They found a way to entangle the polarization of transmitted photons with the momentum of an eavesdropper's photon.
The secret lies in the collagen tissue of the tongue, which uncoils based on momentum, not muscle activity.
Inertia, momentum, vectors and parabolas are as much a part of the game as helmets and huddles.
If you squeeze one, you reduce the uncertainty of its position but increase the uncertainty of its momentum.
At that time, a problem arose because it seemed that both energy and angular momentum were not conserved in beta-decay.
Spiral arms remove angular momentum from the center of the galaxy, allowing it to achieve a state of higher binding energy.
The electrical charge emitted by the wires would react with the solar wind's plasma to generate momentum.
The additional counter-balancing factor in the market serves to disrupt price momentum.
Well here its physics again and the idea is that momentum must always be conserved.
Four building-blocks of such models are stock valuations, quality, price momentum and earnings momentum.
Apply torque and it spins, gaining momentum in the process.
In developed countries the opposite trend is gathering momentum.
Even so, it is unclear how much momentum the shift to inland growth really has.
Maintaining the momentum of digital development is clearly quite tough.
Protests in different parts of the country, often violent, are gaining momentum.
Once the demonstrations gathered momentum, he chose repression.
Once house prices start to rise, the momentum can build up quickly.
Its approval gives the president political momentum as he seeks the energy reform that is next on his agenda.
The momentum of copper, whose supply is harder to ramp up, looks more resilient.
Moreover, there are some signs of a loss of momentum-hardly surprising as higher oil prices fuel worries about the global economy.
The generals overseeing the necessarily messy transition have been failing to keep up the momentum of change.
Still, the momentum appears to be favouring those who want reform of gene patents.
There is also gathering momentum behind the idea of creating a sovereign-wealth fund.
In terms of momentum, the air has a change in momentum to the right in the picture above.
There is also no tail rotor to control forward momentum.
The more precisely you know an electron's position, the less precisely you know its momentum.
Side wings turn that up-and-down into forward momentum.
Swiping upward or downward with momentum enables scrolling in a browser.
The position and momentum of a particle being an example.
In its discussions of the momentum of climate change, however, it does introduce one particularly disturbing statistic.
The momentum comes rather from a combination of broad popular belief and a relatively narrow but intense crusading fervor.
It was yet one more unforeseeable turn in a protest movement that has changed character and momentum almost daily.
The collision between these two trends has created a kind of moral riptide with momentum of its own.
The collective momentum of a culture is, for more or less everybody more or less all of the time, overwhelming.
Open-access proponents are rejoicing because that failure has created new momentum to strengthen the policy.
The new dean will come into the role poised to build on the momentum forged in a period of dynamic change.
If her momentum remains the same but she reduces her inertia by pulling in her leg, she must spin faster.
The movie has heft and complexity, while never letting its momentum flag.
Bouncing around gives the proton a net angular momentum.
However, rising oil prices are having a ripple effect, and industrial microbiology began to gain momentum a few years ago.
The larger the breasts and the more they move, the more momentum they generate.
To conserve momentum, both particles must have identical speeds.
Waves keep rolling once they build momentum and can be forecast as far as three days away.
We want to use some of it to create some momentum in the field.
When a right-handed batter swings, his momentum takes him toward third base.
Rocket propulsion depends on the law of physics called conservation of momentum.
They are all moving with their own momentum which may be slower or faster then the other.
Solar sails capture the momentum from photons of solar radiation to provide propulsion.
The material must lose its angular momentum, a process that needs some time and is not done in a few moments.
It fires by relaxing its muscles, and the whole sticky snare shoots forward on its own momentum.
It was unclear whether he would be embraced as the leader of a movement that had already gained its own momentum.
The outcome is nearly irrelevant, except as it gives the story weight and forward momentum.
In short, the scandal has developed a momentum of its own.
His band has a rollicking, gospel-tinged momentum, and his raspy voice still goes right through you.
In fifty-five cases there was no significant loss of economic momentum at all.
And to keep it on track, you have to keep up the momentum.
The speculation building on itself provides its own momentum.
The momentum in computing as indicated seems to be focusing on the mobile devices and there dependence on the cloud.
The teaching of writing as a machine procedure gains momentum by the day.
As they move, their momentum pushes neutral air molecules across a hot spot, cooling it down.
But there's a sense of excitement about this idea that is giving it considerable momentum in the community.
It is their innovative momentum that fuels the rapid growth.
Meanwhile, let's not add more momentum to the fuel transport industry by shipping synfuel all over the country.
Have a coast mode so when you are driving down hill that momentum can charge the battery.
Basically, it takes years for a research program to get some real momentum.
Open source is gaining momentum and is likely to start overtaking commercial software on a number of fronts.
Still, there's some momentum generated in the second half.
Nobody, apparently, can maintain momentum that long.
Cardinals display lots of character, take momentum into next season.
Since the influence of great wealth seems to rise with its size and momentum, a few examples will make the point.
Yes, but in this breathless adventure logic is less important than a desperate momentum in both the story and the film's style.
The uneven gangster series failed to take full advantage of the momentum it had built up in the last few episodes.
The movement to preserve the valley's architectural wonders has gathered momentum ever since.
In short, there's a momentum here that will require a generation to reverse.
As her professional career was gaining an up-and-down momentum, so was her private life.
When the momentum finally ran out, people were upside down.

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