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These thoughts concern themselves only with things that seem important and of momentous interest to us.
The momentous event would clear away the trivia and throw my life into proper perspective.
The end of the fiscal year usually isn't a momentous occasion for colleges.
So it is a momentous thing to contemplate the return of inflation, however mild, by the year's end.
The fascinating story of a single momentous day in our country's history.
Few things stand out in modern human history that are as momentous.
But in more momentous ways, the president was facing serious disadvantages, some of his own making.
Things that ought to be easy and even pleasurable turn into momentous tasks.
One such period of momentous change is now facing the world's airline industry.
Illuminates a momentous time of technical advancement.
Watching your odometer roll over into six figures is a momentous occasion, especially if you drive an electric vehicle.
That's a pretty momentous choice, affecting millions of people directly and billions indirectly.
We record the momentous occasions and the occasional moments.
Exact references of this momentous occasion are somewhat thin, and the underlying peg for a tech news organization even thinner.
Graduation is coming up, and such a momentous occasion calls for reflection.
But, upon examination, the announcement seemed less momentous than advertised.
It is, in our small part of the world and for our concession, a momentous occasion.
Sadly, amidst all the reports of this momentous gift-giving session the actual iPod model is not disclosed.
The consequences, psychological as well as practical, should be momentous.
Though this experience has been draining, it has given her a sense of purpose, of a momentous cause.
But should they take off, their impact could be momentous for the development of poor countries.
And since communication is the basis of culture, fiddling at this level is indeed momentous.
Its use brings momentous political and legal consequences-and is therefore bound to be highly contested.
The events of the last few days have been momentous.
The lights have sometimes reflected momentous events, as well as commercial trends.
The film ends with this, for her, momentous decision left unresolved.
Scientists found the telegraph an irresistible way to announce a momentous event.
He's out to demonstrate that birthrates are going down everywhere, with momentous social and economic consequences.
Still, this week's vote was a momentous step-and in the right direction.
It's a momentous change, but one that humankind has seen before.
Things are much funnier in the back gallery, where the perhaps less momentous theme is self-absorption.
Biharis have voted using their head and tt is a momentous event.
It was a momentous and eventful day to all upon our plantation.
She knew the fire alarm signals and when anything momentous was afoot.
They are merely one aspect of a much profounder and more momentous enlargement of human possibility.
At the present time a momentous change is taking place in our condition.
As would be expected for such a momentous occasion, the beginning of the project was something of a media circus.
The pollution of a soundscape is hardly as momentous as the pollution of the seas.
We're not talking about tomorrow's momentous mid-term elections.
One momentous case down, another equally historic decision to go.
Plan a fiftieth anniversary trip to celebrate your momentous occasion.
But above all by knowing that mere reason, essential though it is, is only half of the business of reaching momentous decisions.
The consequences of this reform, if it gets through parliament, will be momentous.
It would certainly make his veto seem less momentous.
It was surreal to hear such momentous news all by myself.
Needless to say, coarse political considerations such as these should not be decisive in weighing such a momentous decision.
We've been living with the consequences of this momentous event ever since.
Today, however, a second and equally momentous shift is needed.
Momentous as these changes have been, though, they will pale before what is coming next.
But if an alien contact occurred by radio, humanity would face the momentous choice of whether to reply.
Every president has faced several crises and other momentous events during his presidency.
The play brought to life both the facts and the emotions of the momentous struggle for voting rights.
It was a small moment in a brief military career in a world war filled with large and momentous events.

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