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Example sentences for momentary

The degree of panic, however momentary, however fleeting is chilling.
They feared that all they might see would be a momentary brightening of some of the inner moons.
Some would say cruel, but it is a necessary event that is only momentary in pain for all involved.
The battery system will have a fast response time to address voltage fluctuations and momentary outages.
Most of the time, this only requires a momentary boost in your concentration.
All it takes is one momentary lapse of judgment and your system can be infiltrated.
During this shift in attention vision is suppressed and a patch of momentary blindness occurs.
It is then placed into momentary thermal contact with a heat sink, which absorbs any heat and entropy that the polymer has.
Human errors are often put down to a momentary loss of concentration.
But if it is fair to call that a momentary mis-step, it was soon put right.
Traders and hedge-fund types are expected to scrap for every bit of momentary advantage to make their money.
In the same way, sports car owners are probably momentary financial overachievers at the time they buy their cars.
For example, if you see a lion where there isn't one, you usually only suffer a momentary scare.
Those are all momentary moods, the natural response of a writer paying attention to what is going on around him.
The collective structure, composed of its specialized parts, was dissolving into a momentary community.
There's too much baggage to that remark to dismiss as a momentary stupid slip of the tongue.
Momentary lapses into depression are not infrequent but can be mitigated with earplugs.
The fot: fet type of plural secured but a momentary foothold.
Then light dawned on him, and with it came a momentary rush of indignation.
There was a momentary silence, profound as what should follow the utterance of oracles.
The answer brought a momentary stiffness in its train.
The intensity of the fire of the denunciation had, indeed, a momentary yet visible effect in the banker's expression.
He could not disguise his delight, though he made a momentary effort to compose himself.
It makes for a hip, sometimes funny and occasionally poignant view of kids under momentary stress.
And the killer's turning an operating room oxygen hose into a fiery weapon certainly gives the movie some momentary excitement.
There's exhilaration in these stories at times, and various kinds of momentary pleasure, but virtually no joy.
If you believe in democracy, you have to trust that momentary missteps can be corrected by those two principles.

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