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Example sentences for momentarily

By momentarily obstructing your vision, your brain is forced to project where the ball will be.
The officer can then wave you through or hold you momentarily for questioning.
Individual experiences momentarily coalesce, investing that moment with the potential to explore the human condition.
As the brainstorming ideas are hypothesized as years down the road, the pressure is momentarily off.
When a gravity wave comes by it actually shrinks space momentarily and expands it.
We were momentarily transported back to the stadium.
Then there is a discharge in the cloud, and the field collapses momentarily, and the crystals begin to realign again.
It's about how it changes you-momentarily or forever.
The volume on songs decreases momentarily, then gets pumped up again after you've gotten your feedback.
Without a visible walkway, visitors might be momentarily confused about how to proceed.
Others may doze momentarily when reading articles about demographic trends.
Slum tourism turns poverty into entertainment, something that can be momentarily experienced and then escaped from.
When the cues misfired or some of the players momentarily forgot the chord changes, the music's momentum faltered.
If the tissues at the back of the throat collapse and become momentarily blocked, apnea occurs.
But he has been momentarily humiliated, and his future influence is threatened for several reasons.
His voice broke momentarily when he thanked them for their support and again expressed his apologies.

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