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The subsequent arrival of other commercial media besides books didn't alter the legal importance of this moment.
But the populists haven't found a standard-bearer capable of taking advantage of this moment.
The practices of mapping have again become a key cultural moment.
We all know the power of waiting quietly for the right moment to pounce upon an opportunity.
Be patient and ready for that magical moment when it all comes together.
And this answer was perhaps his shining moment of the day.
If there was ever a moment of ill-preparedness, this was it.
There can be an awkward moment after the introducer suddenly stops and it's my turn to finally start speaking.
The government should plan defensively in case a moment for horse-trading arises.
Please submit images that accurately reflect the captured moment in time.
The moment they upgrade to a roomier shell, other crabs line up for the vacated one.
He would spend every moment on the beach if he could.
Tonight there will be a moment in human history that will never come again.
Another, however, sees precisely how ugly a moment this is.
In photography, we're always after capturing the moment.
The point is that iron does not have any magnetic moment in these compounds.
The threat to his life's work could hardly have come at a worse moment.
It is the moment of inertia and the angular velocity that change.
If she's scored a goal, it is both the moment of the kick and the leap of celebration.
The recipe had been hanging around in inventory, awaiting its moment in the sun.
And this would be equal to the product of the moment of inertia and the angular acceleration.
Reflect for a moment on how you have been persuaded.
Remember at this critical moment that all those folks have any idea of what's happening unless you tell them.
And what it lacks in color at the moment it makes up for in scent.
It was simultaneously an uh-oh moment and an ah-ha moment.
And this month has been an over-the-top publishing moment.
Sometimes it takes more than one great shot to capture a moment.
Sub-irrigated containers finally have their moment of fame.
Determining the precise moment of forgetting is essentially impossible in day-to-day life.
For me, it was a perfect moment that captured the feeling of being in this wonderful place.
The electronic maps flashing around him didn't do anything to ease the stress of the moment.
Technology has pushed the eugenic moment to the point of conception.
He hesitated a moment to read the directions and then turned the extinguisher upside down.
Put this story down for a moment and take a look at the undergraduates around your desk, outside your office, or out on the quad.
At that moment one of the electrodes flips towards the other, causing the two to make contact.
What must have been a moment of howling wind in the desert becomes a scene of art.
People with this disease are at risk of fibrillation at any moment but especially after physical or emotional stress.
If you want to be zen, then stay in the freaking moment.
Many citizens agreed that it was a sad moment for the birthplace of democracy.
Wright, who died that same year, used to be the architect of the moment.
But from the moment they did, everyone acknowledged that.
The decisive moment didn't take place in the main cluster of bees, but out at the boxes, where scouts were building up.
The moment of glacial runoff coincided with the rapid evolution of animal life.
My life has been shaped by the need to escape that moment.
No words could describe either the beauty of the place, nor the profound sadness of the moment.
Step back for a moment and look around your environment.
What a moment in the life of an eagle family when dinner arrives.
Every moment that our voices remain silent widens the gap between being human and being humane.
And take a moment to appreciate the adorableness of their employees.
Today marks the anniversary of a watershed moment in human history.
Arrows represented major transmission lines, each with a number showing how much juice was on the line at that moment.
The next big moment will come when the first particle collisions occur.
But it is the chair that keeps tempting me, promising some escape into a timeless moment.
Standing side by side, the pair look slightly befuddled by the moment.
It would be great to capture this show-and-prove moment.
Yet once the hatchlings reached deeper waters, they were safe-for the moment.
Moment later, and everything was under the fog's mantel.
Other side of a life can bring me a moment to think.
And then at a moment of great vulnerability a storm hits.
No matter how frenetic and energy-filled the scene is, there still needs to be a moment among the frenzy.
In the moonlight the eddy is a silvery swirl that reverses the river's flow, but only for a moment.
Camera can start snapping photos from the moment motion or heat is detected, day or night.
It's not that such a moment, one that transforms an afternoon walk into a lifelong memory, couldn't happen in another town.
Her pots go together quickly, and they look great from the moment they're planted.
There will be a moment, maybe several, of heart fluttering or leg quivering.
In a moment, the white and then the yolk will stream out of the egg into the bowl.
He was proud that these pictures generally needed little in the way of captioning, that the composition captured the moment.
Every great cause has its galvanic moment, when the world finally takes notice.
But for that happy moment to occur, many fundamental elements must be made right.
The attention on teacher quality and the questioning of teacher education makes this a moment of opportunity.
For a moment he gazes at a lone tree as if its bare branches dangle clues.
The gauge of differing perceptions comes at a critical moment for online education.
It is a college-altering moment, and during such moments it's good to take stock of the basics.
So translation is having a moment, or a series of moments.
At the moment, however, leaders of the project expressed how tentative the five universities are in endorsing the approach.
At that moment, you are standing in a cylinder of sound.
At the moment, no anti-botulism treatments capable of being produced on a large scale are available.
As the moment of impact approached, the crowd became silent, unsure of where to look or what to look for.
Because of low birth weight, they are handicapped from the moment they enter the world.
The next moment, though, the patient wondered how he gotten to the couple's destination.
Indeed, comets are such tenuous collections of ice and rocks that it could disintegrate at any moment.
In your mind, picture a particularly relaxing moment.
Financial innovation has a bad reputation at the moment, because exotic derivatives were one of the causes of the credit crunch.
Doing so at the moment is still tedious even for techies, let alone typical couch-potatoes.
What makes liquidity so important is its binary quality: one moment it is there in abundance, the next it is gone.
At the moment, all batches of vaccine are subject to the same battery of tests.
Pricing was a matter of guesswork until the last moment.
At the moment it is paying much more to borrow than it can charge for its loans.
But then he asked a second group to think about a similar moment from five years earlier.
Parenting goes well when your response matches well the moment.
He hesitated but for a moment, and turned his horse back.
The moment of finding a fellow-creature is often as full of mingled doubt and exultation, as the moment of finding an idea.
Perhaps that is the moment when he crosses the line into manhood.
But never a moment ceased the fight of the one and the fifty-three.
He glared at her a moment through the dusk, and the next instant she felt his arms about her, and his lips on her own lips.
He knew the precise psychological moment when to say nothing.
It will not then be necessary to resort every moment to the people for support.
She gasped at him for a moment, and remembered the two sovereigns.
The press corps in the filing center burst into disbelieving laughter, then groped for words to describe the off-kilter moment.
Let me summarize my own views on the specific requirements of our global open society at this moment of history.
All he wished of his tailor was, to provide that sober mean of color and cut which would never detain the eye for a moment.
Incompetent authority figures appear to be having a moment at the multiplex.
Because these metals decay at a steady rate, an astute observer can extrapolate backward and pinpoint the star's moment of birth.
Imagine for a moment a weather service that uses lots of lookouts, each of whom takes one measurement.
The curve is crucial for one tiny moment of every stroke the dolphin makes-the exact moment it switches between up and down.
At the moment there are only four explanations for this mystery.
But in that brief initial moment, a variable speed of light would solve two fundamental puzzles of cosmology.
When theory and observation agree, astronomers experience a brief moment of feeling they understand something.
In this view, consciousness-all consciousness-was created at the same moment when the universe was created.
But some fire faster than others, and so at any moment some are active and some are quiet.
The barrage of these ice bullets comes in horizontal, so fierce it's impossible to keep my eyes open for more than a moment.
Instead, at such a moment you might remember you forgot to turn off the lights of your car.
She kept a smile on her face right up to the moment she lost consciousness.
Torrey wondered if the moment of infection might in fact have occurred during early childhood.
Moment by moment there is a turning inward of the senses.
The team's primary goal at the moment is figuring out what made the treatment work so well.
After a moment's absence, he could no longer recognize people he had conversed with for hours.
And the retro-rockets must fire at exactly the right moment to put the spacecraft into lunar orbit.
In a moment of philosophical honesty, however, the authors of the brief make an important concession.
Because civilizations are finite, in the life of each of them there comes a moment when the center ceases to hold.
At the moment what's killing me in my work is that dilemma of point of view.
We are at a dramatic moment in the story of global warming.
Today we're accustomed to seeing food celebrities leap to fame, reign for a moment, then fade.
At this moment in time, you have a unique opportunity to set the tone for how our nation should feed itself.
Meditate for a moment on the word dude, as it was used long before it became a one-word anthem for the slacker generation.
For a moment, their flavors were weighty and clear before dissolving back into a delicious murk.
Cloud hosting allows companies more flexibility based on the resources that they actually need at a given moment.
For the moment, however, such dreams are far from reality.
Let's put the many world interpretation aside for a moment and look at another strange idea in modern physics.
The irony of the moment prompted audience mockery that set the tone for the rest of the interview.
Unfortunately, these calculations at the moment works well only with one or two selected enzymes.
Utilities will also pay a higher price for power they can count on at any given moment to make up for increases in demand.
For the moment, no technology does these jobs reliably well, although there are many pretenders for this crown.
Nuclear radiation release to the public in adverse moment is the hyper critical control point.
However, at any moment the register has one definite state.
At the moment, the moralists enjoy a strong advantage.
But the first moon landing still stands out as a rare moment of clarity.
Pro athletes are told from the moment they first put on sneakers to check their politics at the locker-room door.
The direction of the movement paused, sat silent for a moment, and reversed.
It's imaginative, and its familiar outlines don't prevent it from being engrossing moment by moment.
The people in the square seemed to understand that this was a moment of both ending and beginning.
It's a moment of absolute calm and eerie mental acuity.
At that moment, the writer recognized a profound sense of wonder.
Impossible to stop-at the last moment, he splits in half and rejoins himself on the other side.
She had the use of a car, because for the moment her mum wasn't going to work.
When the beat finally engages, it is not a particularly heavy moment.
It was a huge political moment for her and the county that has been in bad financial shape.
If the scene hasn't yielded the moment yet, we'll stay quiet and wait.
All that stuff is put on the back burner for the moment.
She does it the way it happens in the second, in the moment, and it sounds clich├ęd but it's really something to see.
He had a natural eye and an innate talent for capturing a moment and composing a picture.
Being totally present and at peace in the moment-and knowing that my children and grandchildren are all right.
He emerged a moment later as if nothing had happened, but in a few minutes he did the same thing all over again.
Weather becomes a defining moment in any large-scale event.
The moment is a measure of the tendency of an airplane to rotate around the center of gravity.
Description of plans for a dedicated experiment to measure the muon electric dipole moment.
Gold, that barbarous relic, is having a thoroughly modern moment in the spotlight.

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