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Hers is the guilty pleasure of the traveling working mom.
Many college students have bills that mom and dad don't pay.
When mom and dad are both working, a night at the movies might seem grand.
Standing now, he wobbles a bit as the trio arrange themselves so mom can slide into the seat.
My mom made me a devil's-food cake with red candles.
My mom once told me that hanging wallpaper is the ultimate test of a marriage.
In a weird feat of biotechnological virtuosity, scientists have engineered mice with genes from two dads, and none from a mom.
As more colleges make mom and dad a priority, one group hopes to give them political clout.
At some point, the adult children sheltering with mom and dad are going to want places of their own.
Give to mom or dad to use to use at the grocery store in place of plastic.
Right before my mom died she told me her father called her on the phone and said it was really cold.
One of my earliest memories is of my mom being stung while gardening.
My mom grew up with the option of being a teacher or a nurse in her family.
She refused to share food, so her mom drove her out.
Call mom and explain why you aren't going to visit her this year.
Jen- your mom told me about your adventure last night after a neighborhood dinner.
My mom said we're going to the bookstore after school to look for this book.
Which means you don't get to claim science did jack to your mom.
Zoo staffers have seen the calf nurse, groom and run around with her mom and sister.
Your mom gave me a jar of the honey you extracted from the bees at your home.
There's a good chance you'll see an expat mom here at the village playground with her kids.
Seriously, though, my mom won't even eat cookies the day after they're baked or any kind of leftovers.
My family sees its effects in my mom every single day.
It remains decidedly rural, with a few mom and pop grocery stores, service stations and churches.
My mom can't understand how horrible it is to get no paid maternity leave.
His conclusion: mom was wrong, although his study was self-controlled and not blinded.
Last time my mom visited your state she brought back a bucking horse for me.
The search for a missing mom might not normally make for gripping television fare.
You're best off getting your information from him and his mom.
Plus, her mom insists that she do them before she gets her reward.
My mom always bought me ribbon candy for the trip home.
Work with your mom or dad to help you figure out your water footprint, and then pledge to reduce it.
Luckily my mom allowed me to skip school and play at home.
It turned out to be the student's dad, accompanied by his mom and the student himself.
Even if mom never sings or listens to the stereo, the music of her speech rings clearly to the unborn.
Mom and dad can't help with this stuff if they have never experienced it themselves.
My mom and dad has always told us children the benefits of running and playing in the woods.
His worldview does not allow for anything outside of two parents, mom and dad.
The business is dominated by tiny mom-and-pop stores.
They start up small mom-and-pop, hole-in-the wall restaurants and dry goods businesses worldwide.
Amazon's campaign strategy is now to evoke sympathy for these mom-and-pop stores.
Not only can moms' opinions and replies vary, but a working mom spends only a few waking hours each day with her children.
Not being able to send out a scholarship application, respond to clients, or say happy birthday to mom gets people upset.
Nor can they be brought into the lab to play at mom's feet.
If it takes you a little longer learning how to beat eggs in your mom's kitchen, mom works with you till you get it.
My mom, who's a prof at a private university, babysat for us.
And for my mom it has gotten worse as she ages, not better.
Call my mom, who starts crying, which starts me crying.
We have a lot of macramé at my house and my mom made granola for years.
We have been reduced to the politics of the waitress mom.
My dad is still alive but he never was the same since my mom's been gone.
Josie and my mom were good friends and talked often.
Then, when her mom isn't looking, she pops some gum into her mouth.
The mom watched from the side and cried, the kids sitting with her and stroking her.
Even small mom-and-pops can boast hundreds or even thousands of reviews.
No matter how hot your mom was, you should not sleep with her.
Lots of people avoid mom-and-pop gas stations, and stick to certain brands for fear of buying poor quality gas.
One day, he tells her that his mom said she would come back for him.
She bought self-help books for television performers and pretended the camera was her dog, her friend, her mom.
Today, even mom-and-pops have access to more computer power than they know what to do with.
Actually, my mom read them first and thought it was an incredible role and story.
My mom heard it on a radio play once and named me that.
Ray and her mom packed up the car with food, pots, and pans.
We ogled mom's tattoos, dad's haircut, the straps of what appeared to be a nursing bra.
My mom was sent home with methadone after a spinal fusion surgery.
Mom is widowed, lives alone, and struggles with mental illness.

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