molt in a sentence

Example sentences for molt

If they are decent and smart and honest, they don't molt a feather over what kind of car the guy has.
Since many of the migratory songbirds and waterfowl molt in the fall, they are best observed and identified in the spring.
Most chickens molt once a year, usually during the fall or winter.
One molt per year, but seasonal variation pronounced.
Crabs begin to molt at the first sign of warm weather.
Intelligence might turn up anywhere it aids survival-in the use of protective coloring or the ability to molt, for instance.
Usually when adult birds molt, the new feathers have the same color as the old ones.
In studying muscle gene expression over molt cycle, the molt cycle will be divided into four main stages.
Alfalfa as a single dietary source for molt induction in laying hens.
Puffins have a synchronous primary molt and flightless period.
The wing molt occurs at sea making timing difficult to determine.
Here they will molt and remain in the sediments for up to a year.
During the second molt, waterfowl go through a complete molt and replace all flight feathers.
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