mollified in a sentence

Example sentences for mollified

They're eventually mollified by the strains of the boy's music.
She seemed mollified by my explanation.
The administration's critics were not mollified.
In this way, you've hinted without exposing what you know and mollified your conscience without putting anything at risk.
But many of the privacy advocates attending the conference weren't mollified.
The sheep are wising up and are not as easily mollified.
They were only partly mollified.
The board was not mollified by the sob stories.
Local people were somewhat mollified.
When you yell at your dog for soiling the carpet and he cringes, you are probably mollified by his obvious regret.
Journalists, watchdogs, and regulators seem mollified.
When the old colors were re-released later that year in a special holiday commemorative collection, the groups were mollified.
Those grievances can be temporarily mollified by economic growth, but money can never solve them.
None of this mollified the protesters, who staged a tent-city sit-in.
Randall may have also been mollified by having the best lines in the film.
Existing differences in details are mollified by software.
Grant took an important step that must have partially mollified his distraught subordinate.
The administration of mothers' pensions reflected the new trend, and gradually mollified the critics.
She seemed mollified at the name, and gazed up the street as if now.
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