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This, as its name suggests, works out the weight of the molecules in each component.
Molecules could one day work as quantum computers.
The trick to its absorbency is in the way those building-block molecules are arranged.
The molecules in such liquids are closely packed, but loosely arranged.
Researchers can attach the fluorescent molecules to a protein inside a dividing cancer cell or a spreading virus.
Because the molecules are larger than sodium and chlorine atoms, they do not stack as neatly.
But even gene scientists today say they are struggling with the many permutations of those four molecules.
Organic molecules inside space rock were probably the result of plain old chemistry.
Molecules are constantly changing and rearranging their atoms in chemical reactions to form new molecules and compounds.
The molecules haven't yet achieved self-replication, the ultimate benchmark of life, but they hint at it.
At the smallest scale, they use quantum mechanics to predict the behavior of subatomic particles and small molecules.
Many images are of gels, which are ways to detect proteins or other molecules in a sample, and often they are blurry.
Water ice and organic molecules have been discovered on the surface of an asteroid for the first time.
It breaks glucose down into molecules called pyruvate that are fed to the mitochondria for processing.
Our techniques are being applied to handle such individual molecules as large polymers.
The research into the activity of these molecules could eventually yield an obesity drug, scientists say.
Hemoglobin is the protein in blood that binds to oxygen molecules and carries them throughout the body.
But the details often remain vague-in particular, the details of which molecules are having which clinical effects.
Zero-point energy is a real type of energy produced by the miniscule movements of molecules at rest.
The starch molecules need water molecules to form their crystal structure.
So, the liquid water has some water molecules in it.
The molecules of water and alcohol each occupy a certain volume in pure solutions of each.
Serotonin is one of the messenger molecules that carry signals between nerve cells in the brain.
Oxidation is a natural process in the body that occurs from chemical combinations with unstable molecules.
Every time a human being moves, he or she has to push millions of air molecules out of the way.
Most allergic reactions to peanuts are triggered by the same eleven molecules.
The long one produces more transporter-protein molecules than the short one.
The molecules contain the blueprint for biological development, determining everything from hair color to blood type.
One sees a transition between the fixed behavior of individual atoms and molecules and the adjustable behavior of collectives.
And perhaps down the road, the yet-unidentified molecules will prove useful in fighting infections in people.
Add a bit of pressure and that openness will accommodate gas molecules.
For both of the reactions shown, the hydrogen molecules are oxidized and the oxygen atoms are reduced.
Antibodies are protein molecules that serve as the workhorses of the immune system.
The pigs can still manufacture the sugar molecules with the one active copy of the gene, though.
So the beauty scientists came up with a whole new chemistry for getting the lightening molecules inside the hair.
Animated images depicting how cells internalize molecules on the cell surface.
When the body sustains an injury, molecules called notification proteins are produced at the site.
The glucose limits ice formation in the body and binds water molecules within the frog's cells.
Isoprene is a monomer, which is a substance whose molecules can be linked together chemically to form a polymer.
These molecules make the immune response spring back to life.
Then he reconstructed the molecules in different combinations to help solve basic problems in biology.
Auroras happen when energized particles form the sun interact with air molecules and give them extra charge.
Stories focusing on cells address the origin and structure of key organic molecules and how complex cells came into being.
The molecules of her arm blended with the molecules in the wall.
When the gas comes into contact with water it is absorbed by water molecules and rises into the atmosphere.
It breaks starch molecules into more digestible fragments.
Consider an experiment about teaching the structure of complex molecules.
Silk proteins are made of amino acids, small molecules with a three-dimensional structure.
The printer melts wax onto the paper to create channels with nanometer-size molecules at the ends.
Water molecules stick together, because they carry a slight charge on each end.
As it moves up, it pushes against the gas molecules of the air, forcing them upward against other molecules.
Carbohydrate molecules surround all cells and help them to identify and interact with one another.
Molecules that help others to fold emerge as targets for cancer drugs.
But researchers have developed molecules that mimic a lipid on the bacterial surface.
As a result, groups of water molecules form exclusive cliques, aka droplets.
Oil molecules, in contrast, are nonpolar and hydrophobic.
Separating molecules requires less work than is gained as a result of the separation.
These processes leave some air molecules positively charged while simultaneously.
These particles then allowed water molecules to bind together, forming droplets and avoiding re-evaporation.
The pulses revealed that within single protein molecules the energy traveled down multiple pathways simultaneously.
But relatively little is known about their biology and how they make these molecules.
The speeds of water molecules determine condensation and evaporation rates.
All molecules are moving, even in ice and other solids, such as steel.
Molecules are free to move in and out of our cubic foot of air.
To get energy, the large chlorophyll molecules absorb red and blue light from sunlight and reflect green light.
Even if water molecules did carry heat away from your body, there are too few to noticeably cool you.
The individual water molecules, which consist of two hydrogen atoms and one oxygen atom, are the same in each phase.
The air and water molecules and dust motes scatter the sunlight.
Their successor has a tougher task: to search for the molecules that are precursors to life and for evidence of microbes at work.
Then he placed him in a magnetic imager that detects iron molecules in blood.
These tiny ice crystals will grow as water vapor molecules go directly from the air to hook onto the ice.
Our cells are perpetually devouring themselves, shredding their own complex molecules to pieces and recycling them for new parts.
In that process, molecules are entrained in a strong magnetic field and zapped with radio waves.
These molecules are found throughout the body, often in mucus and in fluid around the joints.
Those white blood cells in turn spew out highly active molecules that change the biology of the artery wall, leading to plaque.
The scientists are trying to figure out what all of those molecules are doing in a unicellular creature.
It carries many small molecules, but is also important for keeping fluid from leaking out from the blood vessels into the tissues.
At such chilly temperatures the water molecules slow down enough to freeze spontaneously.
Lipids are a broad group of molecules such as fats and waxes that don't dissolve in water.
The difficulty is that crucial parts of these surface molecules are hidden from the attacking antibodies.
Concern for the state of the world, and the joy of jiggling the molecules.
Such antibodies recognise and attach themselves to these molecules, rendering them harmless.
Many proteins will not work properly unless they are coated with the right mixture of sugar molecules.
Diffusion-tensor imaging measures the direction of movement of water molecules.
The details of this pattern are exquisitely sensitive to what the molecules in the membrane are doing.
These pores readily capture liquids, trapping those liquids' molecules inside the mesh's structure.
The membrane is impermeable to blood cells and large molecules such as proteins, but small ones can get through it.
Instead, it matches the ratio found when organic molecules have been through a few rounds of biochemical processing.
Serotonin is one of the brain's messenger molecules, and is particularly involved in establishing mood.
Lignins-another group of complex molecules-also are affected by the toasting.
But that is a far cry from working out the full complement of molecules and mechanisms involved.
But it takes a lot of energy to push water through the dense filters that remove unwanted salts and other molecules.
Both proteins and starches has long molecules that can be break down into pieces by heat making them digestible for humans.
Those genes code for nicotinic acetylcholine receptors, cell-surface proteins that selectively bind to nicotine molecules.
But as molecules grow larger they tend to collapse into a single, fixed state, making it more difficult to register the patterns.
The acidifying bacteria make the casein molecules more hydrophobic, and thus, less soluble.
They're living patterns, generated through a lively dance between a handful of molecules.
Some scientists are trying to inject signaling molecules into the eye to stimulate light-collecting photoreceptor cells to regrow.
Yeah, yell the physicists, that's because you forgot the motion of the air molecules.
No, this dust is actually composed of complex organic molecules, and they are opaque to visible light.
But manufacturing such devices requires a simple way to keep molecules straight and organized.
The molecules cause growing branches to repel each other.
Their idea is to fill the tubes with a mixture of drugs and water molecules and seal them with a secure cap.
Dye-sensitized solar cells use dye molecules to absorb light and generate electrons.
So the amino acid chain is surrounded by water molecules.
First, one type of microbe breaks the long hydrocarbon molecules found in coal into shorter molecules.
Other microbes convert these molecules into organic acids and alcohols.
Still, until now, it hasn't been possible to use it to look with atomic resolution at single molecules.
The researchers set a new efficiency record for cells incorporating organic dye molecules.
Water molecules are strongly attracted to one another.
Today's systems use florescent tags attached to molecules.
The reaction at the cathode, in which oxygen molecules combine with electrons, limits the efficiency of a fuel cell.
Swarms of antibodies disable the invader, marking it for destruction by white blood cells or other immune molecules.

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