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Plants grow using the hydrogen part of the water molecule.
They put a smaller structure inside it called a heme, a large flat molecule that is the active part of hemoglobin.
All molecules are moving, even in ice and other solids, such as steel.
Remove that molecule and the cobra becomes toxin-sensitive.
Many know a molecule is small, but they do not know how small it is compared with a cell or an atom.
When water is a gas - vapor - the molecules are free to move about.
Tuberculosis is hard to defeat in part because it produces a molecule that can destroy many antibiotics.
Most of what is known as computational chemistry, especially as applied to large molecules.
Nope, to kick start life only requires the assembly of a single self-replicating molecule.
The result was an output molecule.
Animated images depicting how cells internalize molecules on the cell surface.
All of them clinging to existence by one molecule: oxygen.
Yes, the blanket traps body heat-and every molecule of water.
The researchers isolated the molecule that allowed the bacteria to keep track of one.
Beta-amyloid is normally removed from the brain with the help of a molecule called apolipoprotein.
Once a molecule is patented, the clock starts ticking towards the expiration date of the patent.
Then he finds out whether that molecule can be made to reach the target.
In nature, only certain rare decomposition fungi can convert coumarin to the anti-coagulant molecule.
In other words, for every molecule that evaporates from the liquid water, a water vapor molecule condenses into the liquid state.
While condensation nuclei are invisible to the unaided eye, they are much larger than an individual water vapor molecule.
Every single molecule on this planet costs somebody, something.
This, in turn, means that each water molecule requires less kinetic energy to accomplish this feat.
To be precise, they have been linked to a hormone called vasopressin and the protein molecule that acts as its receptor.
When a neutrino interacts with a water molecule another particle is generated.
Even when the level of a molecule seems to predict a drug's success, a test may prove unreliable.
Each type of atom or molecule absorbs particular colours.
Moreover, all it took was a molecule of moisture and her hair frizzed.
She was lucid as could be, on almost no medication at all, with not one molecule of paranoia or a single misconception.
Each form is adapted to a particular way of life, but all descended from one ancestral molecule.
The advantage of blocking a human molecule is that it does not usually mutate.
The molecule also holds water in, moisturizing the barrier.
Imagine that each hand is the chemical structure of a molecule.
Follow-up work confirmed the molecule's mild-mannered nature.
The resulting molecule is similar in shape and smell to the musk sprayed by skunks.
The peaks represent the presence of the molecule indicated.
Another is that it's a polar molecule, so that it dissolves a lot of things, and there are things that won't mix with it.
The latest revolution in the rapidly moving field of genome sequencing is upon us--single-molecule sequencing.
If the system were used for drug delivery, the guest molecule would be the drug.
The ring's optical properties change when even a single molecule binds to it.
These drugs block the release of an immune signaling molecule that is central to inducing inflammation.
On the other hand, the dye cell uses a molecule to absorb light.
Most tags fluoresce continuously, and each one binds to a target molecule of a specific shape.
Other parts of the protein may play a purely supportive, structural role, holding the molecule together.
It contains no sulfur, since is a pure and single molecule.
Research in biology is focussed on understanding what every molecule in a cell is doing.
The tortured molecule is stabilized by symmetry, by there being no low activation energy path to decomposition.
Dissolve a resolved chiral molecule, a left foot, in solvent to homogeneity.
For example, red cabbages contain an indicator pigment molecule called flavin, which is a type of molecule called an anthocyanin.
Yet this extraordinary molecule has other uses in addition to those of biochemistry.
When an oxygen molecule is embedded into six atom-long gold wire, the wire can conduct electricity.
But it was an enormous cost in the research to find out how the molecule should be done and how it should be dosed.
Glucose-sensing enzyme in the cells, glucokinase, is the key molecule that triggers the beta cell regeneration.
Once inside, the volatile oxygen molecule reacts with carpets, chemical cleaner residue and human skin.
Noting this, the experimenters deduced that ammonia was the airborne molecule to which the bacteria were responding.
In a gravity field, the molecule always hits the bottom of the box with more energy than when it hits the top of the box.
Organism-tissue-cell-molecule-gene, every higher-level is the complex system of the lower-level.
Eight-legged molecule may be the strangest--and biggest--new quantum phenom on the block.
But it is the frequency of vibration, not the shape, that determines the scent of a molecule.
The internal vibrations of a molecule, for example, can never be eliminated altogether.
If left unchecked, one molecule of the activator would start a runaway growth, leaving the shell totally colored.
But you can take an electron and move it from one molecule to another, for example, by shining light on certain molecules.
The idea, then, is to use a-lactalbumin as an antigen-a molecule that attracts the attention of the immune system.

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