molecular biology in a sentence

Example sentences for molecular biology

That, in turn, paved the way for the subsequent boom in molecular biology and biotechnology.
The professor of molecular biology and genetics was at home, folding laundry.
Some teach evolutionary biology as though it only applies to molecular biology-completely ignoring macroevolution of species.
Evolutionary theory and molecular biology have transformed our understanding of life.
But he was also fascinated by biology, which led him to environmental engineering and molecular biology.
Theoretical physics and molecular biology are acquired tastes.
And generating stem cells is suddenly possible for anyone with a basic background in molecular biology.
The first experiment is a molecular biology version of brain imaging.
At that time, molecular biology was undergoing tremendous intellectual ferment.
He has been working with almost no funding and in isolation from the rest of the molecular biology community for decades now.
Molecular biology changed that, and now the rise of genomics has also become a game changer.
We simply don't have that yet, or the genetics, or the molecular biology.
Those hopes were bolstered by an ongoing revolution in molecular biology.
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