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To make the mole sauce, cover the ancho chilies with boiling water, and allow to soak until soft.
But making mountains out of mole hills, seems to be the predominant order of the day.
Blind mole rats, on the other hand, have no technology at their disposal.
Biomedical innovation has stalled, but behold the awesome power of the buck-toothed mole.
We must target the mountains and not the mole hills.
Some mole rats are drafted as soldiers to protect the colony from rival mole rats and predators.
The world will continue to turn, don't panic and turn a mole hill into a mountain.
There will be demos on the roasting and grinding of cocoa pods and beans into sweet drinks, candy bars and mole sauces.
Your colleagues will not know that you're the mole who ratted.
It can appear on normal skin, or it may begin as a mole or other area that has changed in appearance.
Removal of a cancer or a mole is not the same thing at all.
In the financial milieu, this is a wack-a-mole commonplace.
The beauty mark itself is the mole that lies northeast of her upper lip.
Blind mole rats seem to navigate effortlessly through their complex underground burrows even though they cannot see.
Mole rats are a pretty ugly, obscure bunch of creatures.
Perhaps even more alien would be the experience of an animal such as the star-nosed mole.
It's going to end up being exactly a mole, isn't it.
The abnormal tissue from the mole can continue to grow even after it is removed and can turn into cancer.
It was a mole that became offended if you forgot to close the door to the bakery gently.
Instead it focuses on symptoms and tries to play a whack a mole.

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If you would keep your soul From spotted sight or sound, Live like the velvet mole; Go burrow underground.... more
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