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The remains of plants processed for human purposes molder in landfills across the world.
The novel, in the century that fol- lowed, would no longer be seen as an important molder of much of any- thing.
They are not mentioned in biographical dictionaries, and their, books molder unread in the spare bedrooms of country cottages.
At thirteen, he was apprenticed to the iron-molder's trade.
Claimant worked weekday and weekend shifts as a molder, doing good to excellent work.
The lien attaches when the die, mold, or form is delivered to the customer or molder.
The company is a custom molder of plastic parts for a variety of industries.
The metal powder was filled in the space between the concentric molder of pipe type.
Under actual usage conditions a molder will adjust the initiator to meet a gel time requirement.
The injection-molding process starts with the suctioning of plastic resin material into a feed chamber of the injection-molder.

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