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Walker, she began by using the prescribed curriculum to shape and mold us as her students.
Here the molten metal is poured or cast from the tilted furnace into a mold to form a billet.
The master is removed, and another material introduced, which is formed by the mold into a replica of the original shape.
Mold feeds on organic materials and is brought to life by moisture.
Mold is a sign of moisture problems, and mold can occur in any type of building.
The ants cultivate the fungus, turning it into a sooty mold that acts as living cement, reinforcing the structure of their traps.
Pour the custard mixture into the caramel-coated mold.
Aphids can cause honeydew, which drips disagreeably and encourages sooty mold.
There are few creatures more remarkable than the lowly slime mold.
To unmold, dip the gelatin mold in warm water for a minute, then invert onto a plate.
So, my answers might be unorthodox or not fit the mold of past economic thinking.
Potentially dangerous mold blooms can quickly overwhelm water-soaked structures.
He found something amazing: the fossilized mold of a brain.
Invert the mold and tap it with a mallet to free the pot.
Mold illness is everywhere and it is often misdiagnosed as dementia.
Unless you work in a biology lab, get rid of things that can spawn mold.
They are now, already, hardening into a low-labor-intensity mold that cannot be broken until the next serious recession.
When the paper mold is completely dry, gently press down on the mold and carefully lift off the cookie cutter.
Only three long-lived social mammalian species are known break that mold.
The honeydew they excrete attracts ants and can encourage sooty mold.
All that remained was a mold created in rock, and the activities of other invertebrates were critical in the preservation process.
Butter the bottom and sides of a one-and-a-half-quart terrine mold.
Both who have since gone on to study and work in advanced scientific industry, and who fit the perfect mold this story.
Also, disinfect your humidifier to stop the spread of mold or bacteria in the air.
Finding plant remains that survive the high temperatures, rainfall, and mold common in the tropics is extremely difficult.
However, your suggestion of scraping off the mold cap before rinsing the seeds would clearly reduce the amount of rinsing needed.
Mold infestations are dangerous to buildings and people.
And the office workers will begin complaining about mold and mildew.
Mold into ovals, flatten, and dip first in flour and then into the beaten eggs.
My problem seems to be related to food sensitivities and mold.
So we're going to have to watch out for mold and other fungal diseases.
The first step was arranging everyone's hands, then adjusting the mold to the necessary size.
Aping the west in every aspect and trying to fit into western mold is foolishness.
Once this dries you'll have a mold to reproduce your record.
Too much moisture will create mold and too little moisture will halt the decomposition process.
Take your mold and pour in some liquid plastic and let it cure.
Mold your own crystal geode-a hollow rock with crystals growing inside.
The phone is taped to the mold in a way such that the antenna of the phone is positioned near the jaw.
The daddy water bug fiercely protects his eggs and periodically exposes them to air to prevent them from growing mold.
Wired asked five experts how plastics might mold the future.
The model is then removed or melted away, leaving a mold that can be reused to create faithful replicas of the original.
Mix one part borax with two parts cornmeal to make a carpet powder that removes stains, prevents mold growth and deodorizes.
When the mold is fired, the wax melts, leaving a cavity that can then be filled with molten metal.
Mold it to get your audience to work toward your goal.
The blueberry gelatin was turned out of the mold too early, and it's only half formed.
Houses that survived the flooding will pose another problem: mold.
The pages are yellowed, but they feel dry and there's no mold visible.
In humid climes you have the possibility of mold if there isn't some dehumidification.
Use the steam cleaner as directed by the manufacturer's instructions and provide adequate ventilation to prevent mold growth.
Then, liquid latex was poured into the mold and sat for several hours.
When ready to serve, dip the mold in hot water and remove immediately.
The bookshelf hidden in a metal-sided building is a reminder that both fire and ice continue to mold this continent.
Part of this story is about breaking out of that prescribed mold.
They'd rather not bother with individuals who don't fit the mold.
When the mold is empty, pull the foil mold away from the pastry and gently collapse the mold inside the cornucopia.
Also, if there is enough clutter, nasty mold can grow in places and you won't see it.
They essentially had to learn where the fiber could and couldn't flow when heated into a mold.
After him they broke the mold and ground it into pieces.
Two new games released this month attempt to break the mold.
We crawled through a narrow corridor that dripped with mold and entered the heart of this ossuary.
In addition to the rooftop escape hatches, they have insulation that is easier to replace should it mold.
First you have to clean the mold off your belt and shoes.
Efforts by the court to mold a conscript army out of small landowners and peasants had failed.
Today, wind and water continue to mold its shoreline.
They shared an old house in the town, one of those run-down, peeling places that smell of mold inside.
But counterinsurgency isn't a static mold into which the military can pour any war and wait for it to set.
Spoon one third of the ricotta cream into a one-and-a-half quart mold.
Another is the frenzied drive of overbearing parents to mold and manage their children's academic careers.
To prevent this problem, which is caused by mold on the trees, they suggest washing the tree off.
My tinnitus is related to food sensitivities, mold and fungus.
For him, a work of music is not a flexible structure, but a rigid mold.
Let's say you want to identify the mold on that leftover pizza.
It was a run-down place that smelled of mold, stale cigarettes, and old carpets.
Still, this much seems apparent--if you want to find mold, the only place that may rival a refrigerator is a library.
Line each mold with a square of cheesecloth cut large enough for the ends to cover the mold once it is filled.
Get rid of things that can elaborate into green mold.
They mold contestants into easily-digestible characters.
Even two bronze sculptures taken from the same mold generated two distinct roughness profiles.
Dehumidifiers make living comfy by removing moisture through the air and obtaining rid of mold, mildew and musty smells.
Nature uses the problem an organism has to solve itself as the mold by which it designs the solution.
It's the only way to play with the thrust-time curve, although it's not variable once you've made the mold.
It was an extrapolation of several statements about people who fit her mold.
Arrange them tightly together in the bottom of the mold.
Mold also causes mold allergy, by hypersensitization.
During the peak years she suffered from allergies to mold spores that could clog her bronchial tubes.
If it is not thoroughly rinsed and dried afterward, it can develop a mold that affects the taste and smell of wine.
Others made machines that could fly and machines that could think, discovered a mold that conquered infections.
Both products require a trip to the dentist to have a mold of your teeth made.
McCartney's first standards album breaks the mold of similar discs by a rock performer.
Mold health concerns, how to prevent growth, and cleaning it up.
Molds are usually not a problem indoors, unless mold spores land on a wet or damp spot and begin growing.
If mold is a problem in your home, you should clean up the mold promptly and fix the water problem.
Related information, references and resources on mold and moisture.
Mold can generally be removed from nonporous surfaces by wiping or scrubbing with water and detergent.
It is important to dry these surfaces quickly and thoroughly to discourage further mold growth.
Mold spores waft through the indoor and outdoor air continually.
Inhalation exposure to mold indoors can cause health effects in some people.
There are hundreds of thousands of different types of mold.
Communication with building occupants is essential for successful mold remediation.
Get rid of mold in all parts of your home to help control your asthma attacks.
Exposure to mold does not always result in a health problem.
If mold in present indoors, the mold should be removed and the moisture problem fixed as soon as possible.
Tips for hiring a mold remediation contractor or consultant.

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