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Example sentences for molars

They also looked at similar chemistry in a few of the skeletons' molars.
Plus he broke the bridge on his molars the first night out while chewing up one of the lollipops he'd brought along for energy.
Sauropods did not have robust batteries of molars to chew their food.
The team, seen inset surrounding the tusks, also uncovered some of the animal's leg bones and parts of a jaw with molars.
The height of the molar crowns increased, as did the number of enamel plates in the molars, and the tooth enamel thinned.
Their molars suggested they were five and eight years old when they died.
In the first six years, the animals' low-crowned molars wear away rapidly and reveal so-called compensatory shearing blades.
They have extremely strong jaws and wide, flat molars to chew tough vegetation such as tree bark and orchid bulbs.
In particular, eutherians have fewer molars than metatherians.
Early humans had to chew a lot of plants to get enough calories to survive, making another row of molars helpful.
Twice for leg surgery, once for the removal of some impacted molars.
The stress caused them to grind their canines and molars.
The points of the molars fit the grooves of the opposite molar.
The appearance of normal teeth varies, especially the molars.
Wisdom teeth, also called third molars, can be a major breeding ground for the bacteria that cause periodontal disease.
Lily stretches, yawns, shows me the length of her yellow canines and the big crushing molars in back.
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