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And finally the process is repeated for the third molar, its papilla appearing about the fifth year of life.
The dental branches supply the molar and premolar teeth.
Two more chimpanzee teeth were later found at the site, an upper incisor and a tooth tentatively identified as a molar.
The height of the molar crowns increased, as did the number of enamel plates in the molars, and the tooth enamel thinned.
The team dentist identified it as a secondary molar with part of its root missing.
In others, the mountaintop topography is as obtuse as the crown of a molar.
Each molar has three distinct cusps that interlock when their jaw is closed, forming a sieve for straining krill from the water.
The hyoid bone isn't wide enough to receive muscle attachments from the rear of the jaw, where the last two molar teeth sit.
Pull up your dog's lip, and you'll see them: the first molar on the lower jaw, and the last premolar on the upper jaw.
Hey, did anybody notice that there's a giant molar buried south of the large crater.
Then an officer lifts the jogger's cheek to reveal a tiny microfilm dot stuck to a molar.
The points of the molars fit the grooves of the opposite molar.
But the message from the lower right molar could not be ignored, that throb, long forgotten but unmistakable.

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The stage is about to be swept of corpses. You have no more chance than an infusorian Lodged in a hollow molarmore
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