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If moisture is determined to be rain, not sweat, all traffic must immediately cease.
All of that work makes your body lose water through sweat-as well as moisture that is exhaled when you're breathing quickly.
It is good for evaporating liquid which also includes the moisture in the wax.
Sweat, moisture, humidity and other variables in how cash is stored and transferred can affect contamination.
The actual amount of moisture vapor that a given volume of air can hold depends almost entirely on the temperature of that air.
Susceptibility to rot from moisture is one of the main weaknesses of straw-bale construction.
These are even harder to handle than moisture contents and vortex velocities.
Each yields cured compost over varying periods of time depending on contents, moisture and frequency of turning.
Rhinos and pigs wallow and coat themselves in mud, which protects them from the sun and helps to keep moisture in their skin.
The other thing to consider, especially when thinking about how you'll flavor your honey, is moisture content.
That's why some prefer to tape their bags shut in the hopes of closing out excess moisture.
Drink plenty of fluids to increase moisture in your body.
The more veggies, the more moisture you'll have, usually.
In order for the organic materials to break down, compost needs moisture and oxygen.
The fact that moisture transfers heat to the poles should be obvious to climate scientists.
They eat their own faeces to acquire additional moisture in the heat of the desert.
The fog helped the trees lock in moisture during the drier summer months.
As it rises, the moisture condenses to form clouds, which are jostled by internal turbulence.
The film he created was not only edible and transparent, but it was also a barrier to moisture and a better barrier to oxygen.
Also steer clear of lightweight or shriveled bulbs, since these may have lost too much moisture to recover well.
When the material is relatively dry, the pores in the synthetic fiber layers bind to each other, locking in remaining moisture.
Moisture will destroy the edges and you will get popping.
Moisture from the body then dissolves the vaccine and it spreads into the skin in minutes.
Moisture is an essential ingredient in composting, particularly when you include more fibrous browns, such as dried leaves.
More heat means more moisture and so more ice at the poles.
Adding a few inches of mulch will help retain moisture.
Failure to do so will allow moisture to enter and get in behind the paint.
Mold is a sign of moisture problems, and mold can occur in any type of building.
Check the moisture level of the compost as you move it.
Causing rain is much more difficult since it requires more moisture.
If the warm air contains water vapor and it encounters cooler air, the moisture condenses into water droplets.
When surrounding areas experience droughts, many animals survive by migrating to the steep slopes, where mists provide moisture.
The loss of excess moisture in the body really takes the fat cells in the bone tissue.
The so-called pelletization process concentrates energy and reduces moisture content.
All tanks suffer from from excess moisture creeping in.
The moisture condenses on the beetle's back end and flows down to its mouth.
And drought-prone regions benefit from the clustered hoof prints, which capture what meager moisture falls from the sky.
One of the primary meanings of transpire is to give off moisture.
Always check the moisture level and break up any clumps you find.
Keeping the fire at the right temperature required certain types of wood, with a certain degree of moisture content.
The study showed infiltration rates for moisture are almost double.
The shiny surface, too, helps stop chafing and even heavy cotton jeans have moisture wicked-away quickly by the leather.
One quality of humus that is often overlooked is its ability to retain moisture.
Check the moisture level of the materials as you mix them.
The result is land that retains what little moisture it receives.
Allegedly, the negative ions open pores and replenish moisture.
If moisture has formed on the outside of the foil, then condensation is the cause of the water.
Increased storm activity is a result of more energy and moisture in the atmosphere due to increased global temperatures.
Every few weeks, turn the pile with a rake or pitchfork to circulate the air and moisture.
Less moisture being trapped at the poles as ice proves that global cooling is occurring already.
Firing hardens the raw clay, sets color glazes and reduces the clay's porosity so it absorbs less moisture.
Usually grows in areas of high moisture where snowdrifts melt.
They need ample moisture from onset of growth through bloom period but little moisture during summer.
Also, have a chimney cap installed at the top of the chimney to keep moisture from working its way down into the brickwork.
Rain occurs when clouds are too cool to support the moisture.
The shellac seals the wood enough to keep it from absorbing moisture and swelling.
Temperature, moisture and barometric pressure also play a role.
The moisture has been pressed out of it, so it stands up to grilling and sautéing.
If moisture is the cause, the paint usually peels down to the bare wood or masonry.
Squeeze zucchini in your hands to remove excess moisture.
Cover your worm bin with a tarp or plastic sheeting to retain moisture and keep out light.
Pots made of thick plastic or glazed terra-cotta retain moisture well as do wood tubs.
Although your prints may appear dry to the touch, moisture remains in the print and will need time to completely dry.
You'll often need to add water to keep your compost at the ideal moisture level.
In high-rainfall areas, excess moisture induces rot.
Store different kinds of cookies separately, to prevent the moisture from softer cookies from affecting crisper cookies.
Make sure all students can see this moisture on the wrap.
Unless they are carefully maintained, moisture can enter the wood and foster decay.
Don't add water the moisture from the meat is generally enough to make gravy.
In winter, even desert plants may hold enough moisture to allow a camel to live without water for several weeks.
Plants also transpire during photosynthesis, the moisture released cause cooling.
Because lithium ignites when it makes contact with the moisture in the air, the battery bursts into flame.
Computers have done a decent job predicting temperature over the years, but have not done as well predicting moisture.
Can survive an occasional missed irrigation but look better with regular moisture.
It's perforated with thousands of little holes to allow moisture to escape.
The system was developed to reduce the problems of foot odor, mold, fungus and moisture buildup in athletic shoes.
They retain their body moisture efficiently, but they do not function without water.
During the humid days of summer, the wood absorbs moisture from the air and the floor expands.
Bacteria and other organisms break down food scraps buried in a bin maintained at proper temperature and moisture levels.
May not survive winters in colder zones unless protected from excess moisture add to my plant list.
Rust attacks steel from the moment the metal encounters moisture.
The best way to store cast iron is with a paper towel on it to absorb any moisture.
Potting mix for cymbidiums should drain fast yet retain moisture.
Squeeze the spinach with your hands to remove as much moisture as possible.
Squeeze the spinach to drain out all excess moisture.
The porous rock soaks up moisture, degrading the limestone.
Little brown bats are hanging onto the rocks, alone or in twos and threes, their fur glistening with moisture.
It has moisture-free air and crystal-clear ice, ideal for the kind of exacting measurements dear to astronomers and physicists.
Add one and three-fourths cups tomatoes, and cook until moisture has nearly evaporated.
Never keep bread wrapped in cloth, as the cloth will absorb moisture and transmit an unpleasant taste to bread.
In the desert, pure air and solitude compensate for want of moisture and fertility.
Both the malaria parasite and the mosquitoes which spread it respond to temperature and moisture.
So ecosystems that maintain a moist atmosphere-as rainforest does-draw in air and moisture from elsewhere.
Warm air holds more moisture, so as temperatures rise there is more water available to the system.
Even the air has a pale-green cast: the moisture suspended in it picks up the pervasive glow of the verdure.
Additionally, more atmospheric moisture nourishes heavy snowfalls.
The freeze-drying process removes more moisture than dehydration.
When you hold the phone a certain way, the moisture in your hand will short one antenna into the other.
The initial external sensors are a magnetic switch, moisture sensor and a breakout board for building your own sensor.
It sucks up what little moisture resides in dry land, producing more droughts.
Several forests around the world use fog to get critical moisture and nutrients.
As the animal exhales warm, moist air from its lungs, the moisture condenses onto the cool surfaces of the turbinals.
As the crystals take on moisture, they may become too heavy for updrafts to support.
They require little water, perhaps because they obtain much of their moisture from their food.
Warmer weather means more evaporation, so more moisture in the air.
When it rained, moisture was trapped in these primitive soils.
More moisture in the air will create even more erratic weather.
Increasing temperature means increasing moisture, which can cause colder winters.
When temperatures dip below freezing, a lot of moisture creates a lot of snow.
They can solve condensation problems and prevent moisture damage.
Bale weights vary in other cotton-producing countries due to differing moisture content when cotton is compressed.
When the dryer is in use, a floating shuttle rises to allow warm air, lint and moisture to escape.
They def had moisture being pumped into the air but it wasn't overly hot.
With no moisture, the ground is a virtual hot plate, adding to the misery.
If moisture remains on your hands, that's a more friendly environment than dry skin.
And when the air can't hold any more moisture because it's totally saturated or it cools down, you get condensation.
When the cables get whacked by an especially strong rain or snow storm the insulation may not block all of the moisture.
Moisture sensors, smart controllers and more efficient forms of irrigation are available at a certain level of expenditure.
The warmer the oceans become, the more moisture there will be in the atmosphere.
When it comes to rain, a warmer planet will hold more moisture in the atmosphere, further increasing warming.
It's easy to store dried plants away from moisture so microbes wont break them down.
Or you claim that there is no shortage of moisture where you live.
Others were caused by a plastic spacer that sometimes absorbs moisture and expands causing the pedal to stick.
The largest piece of solid ice that is surrounded by more oceans than elsewhere, but not a drop of moisture in the air.
Warm air is able to carry more moisture than cold air.
As air rises, it cools and the moisture in it begins condensing to form a cloud.
Those are the things that protect goods from moisture.
The moisture in the air forms scattered clouds early in the day.
The water vapor increases the moisture content of the air while cooling the air.
But the high-moisture content also created problems because of the weight of the snow.
Other kinds of hygrometers use materials with electrical resistance that varies with the amount of moisture absorbed.
Protective mucus membranes need moisture and may harbor bacteria more easily when they become dry and inflamed.
Finally, when ice forms on a lake, it can't supply moisture for lake effect snow.
In drier areas, they are found around wet or damp areas that retain moisture.
In winter, plants may yield enough moisture to sustain a camel without water for several weeks.
Their secret is a patented three-layer membrane that lets perspiration out for comfort but prevents all moisture from penetrating.
Desert varnishes, mineral-rich dust transformed by microbes and moisture, soon streaked the canyon walls.
Tropical rain forests usually can resist fire because of their high moisture content.
It slowly grows downward, over the host tree, depriving it from light and moisture.
Softened by moisture, the pollen grain releases proteins that chemically discern whether the new plant is genetically compatible.
Made from environmentally friendly fabrics, this wind breaker has a water repellant coating to help shed moisture.
We've never seen them eat fruit, other than melons for moisture.
Masks rejuvenate the skin by clarifying the pores, evening skin tone, and providing moisture.
The air is juicy with the tang of mangled vegetation and evaporating moisture.
The skin loses moisture and may crack and peel, or become irritated and inflamed.
The other skillet goes on top as a weight, which helps retain moisture and insures thorough browning.
Both these things increase the moisture in the air and can help soothe a dry throat.
Moisture from their sweat will eventually wind up in their tea.
Stick them in your shoes, and they suck out any moisture.
Samples for moisture determination were taken from the storage containers using a small grain trier.
The mold spores will not grow if moisture is not present.
Indoor mold growth can and should be prevented or controlled by controlling moisture indoors.

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