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Example sentences for modules

Only concentrator solar cell modules need to be mounted on trackers.
Technological improvements have made solar-electric modules more cost-effective.
The floating facility's design features a series of cylinder modules attached to a larger truss of a dozen segments.
Ultimately he hopes to lease modules for use as hotels, labs, or movie studios.
We are all monkeys and have well established brain modules for endless comparison and status qualms with our fellow monkeys.
The company makes a variety of solar modules with proprietary thin technology.
The company makes and sells solar electric power modules.
There are large hydraulic rams sticking into the modules.
Chloroplasts are not independent modules that can be easily separated from their host cell and implanted into another.
Finally, natural gas facilities can be online in a few years and can be installed in modules as projected demand requires.
Design the platform for upgrades with replaceable modules.
These lockable modules sit snugly under fabric pannier bags.
Some examined course modules separately, others all in one go.
Each semester is divided into two seven-week modules.
Firms look to provide automated landers and inflatable modules.
The first thing you'll notice is the addition of a couple of new modules: maps and books.
Users will be able to customize the artist pages to include whichever modules they want.
Smalltalk is a programming language based on distinct modules of code that can be strung together into a working program.
The second component of the club is its training modules.
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