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Experience teaching mathematics to variety of student populations in traditional and modular, computer-based formats.
And they're perfect for modular designs-you can easily add more as time and money permit.
Perfect for anyone who is, or ever has been, obsessed with everyone's favorite modular brick.
Two halfway modular dividers enable specific equipment setup.
During the more than two-week trip, astronauts conducted spacewalks and started the installation of a modular laboratory.
Modular detachable bottom padding lets you choose between extra protection and a larger storage area.
There are two types of commonly used controllers found on wheelchairs today, integral controllers and modular controllers.
One halfway modular divider enables specific equipment setup.
In addition, content on the new site is modular, making it easier than ever to use it flexibly and in a variety of ways.
Since the plant is so modular it could be a good source of high quality fibre and perhaps other commercially valuable products.
Moreover, a modular facility would generate revenue as soon as the first reactor is fired up, after a few years of construction.
The programme is also offered in a two-year modular format with an identical curriculum.
The computer you are typing on is pretty complex and was no doubt made by modular components from all over the world.
They would be much safer than to-day's systems and, being modular, could be built at a fixed price.
In addition, today's software is written in a more modular way, which means that parts of it can be coded separately.
Modular university courses offer students endless combinations.
But, because of the simple modular method by which they are constructed, their composition can be changed easily.
The technology is so simple, modular and scalable that it is doomed to succeed.
We encourage our buyers to explore with us the wide flexibility of our modular panel system.
Modular units such as the one on the left will be planted and hung on the grids.
These are compact modular devices that generate electricity and heat with high efficiency and virtually no pollution.
Eg, you could teach modular arithmetic and then immediately show the power of this method.
The segments need to have modular interconnects and be relatively easy to move.
It gives you some modular flexibility that shuttle lacks.
Action was the first modular business furniture system, with low dividers and flexible work surfaces.
Rather, it is imperative that a modular coordinated building system be identified that can withstand hurricanes and earthquakes.
Such a modular design combines capabilities normally found in different phones or accessories.
Their modular design allows homeowners to start by installing one panel, then add more later as needed.
In between is the world of prefab and modular housing.
Imagine a modular solar array that you can install-without too much fear of electrocuting yourself-at a relatively low price.
Everyone talked about modular cars for about a decade but it never happened.
But this is a modular system, tethered to the ground through a system of cables.
Because the systems are small and modular, they can be combined to scale up to various-sized projects.
They were designed as modular units that can be used individually for task lighting, or hitched together to light up a room.
Spending on nuclear energy continues an ongoing move toward small, modular reactors.
The design is modular and the basic plant produces a million liters of fresh water per day.
Modular nuclear power plants, with much of the manufacturing done in factories, is absolutely the way to go.
Modular, safe nuclear power is well within the technology capabilities of advanced countries.
Now this may be changing because of the changes in the publishing industry-more digital publication, more modular publication.
The automaker will use a modular battery system that the two companies developed together over the past three years.
So should put in solar panels or modular solar thermal dishes by the windmills.
Volume production and modular designs should make the fuel cells affordable.
And because the technology used to grow the organisms is modular, it is easy to scale up.
The software has been designed to be modular, so that it's easy to swap in locally appropriate elements.
The solution is modular and can be integrated with a bank's existing technology framework.
The system will be modular so that other devices can be added to it.
Another of the switch's benefits is its modular design.
Today's software developers see the value in modular approaches, that is, breaking things down into small pieces for development.
Using a sophisticated, modular web framework helps to make us efficient.
Excluded are travel trailers, motor homes, and modular housing.
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