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It is the best condition not to alter or modify the physical and chemical state of the surface.
The only way to change it is to download or buy a registry editor and modify a system file.
Science can modify microorganisms that reduce fertility, to be non pathogenic.
Their functions probably are to modify pressure, to diminish friction, and occasionally to alter the direction of a muscle pull.
Colleges can use open-source software free and modify it as they wish.
Modify a basic solar cooker design as needed to enhance your cooking results.
Plants genetically modify themselves to changing conditions.
If you need rectangular planters, you can modify this design.
Sometimes drivers will modify a car without telling the insurance company.
Yet another strategy is to modify the telescopes so that they are focused even more precisely than usual on the point of interest.
If she makes the payments on time, the lender will modify the mortgage.
Draws on semiotic theory in a study of how players modify the best-selling computer game.
Other proteins are enzymes that modify other chemicals.
Political jousting aside, obviously much more needs to be done to help homeowners modify their home mortgages.
Further, the suggested words often help them to modify searches to provide better results.
Much more important is the ability to recognize good sense when one sees it, and modify one's plans to fit new data.
The enzyme seems to modify proteins at synapses that receive information from chemical messengers called neurotransmitters.
Keep your prospectus open enough to allow you to modify your dissertation without rocking too many boats.
There have always been skilled individuals prepared to modify and refine manufacturers' offerings to give them a performance edge.
Behaviour is far easier to subtly modify that it is to create entirely new behaviours.
Most of the signal comes from the hydrogen in water, but other molecules can modify it.
It acts to modify preferences that may not appear reasonable, but likely to occur.
Only last week they had to modify the electoral laws, to meet the demands of protestors.
It takes quite compelling evidence to induce us to modify our positions.
The computer used that information to modify the sounds made by the two instruments throughout the piece.
They can modify their questions as they go through the process.
The government has promised to amend the electoral law, and the king recalled parliament to modify the press law.
First, there was the recording of the information, then the actual effort to modify behavior.
Stone is correct in stating that medication can modify the presenting behaviors.
Real scientists write their own software or use open-source code so that they can modify it.
Sponsor reserves the right at its sole discretion to terminate or modify the promotion.
His remarkable ability to modify his voice to perfectly suit any character he undertakes serves to enhance the illusion.
Encourage them to modify all statements so that they are completely accurate.
We reserve the right to modify or discontinue promotions at any time.
Topics include how animals' consumption behavior may constrain or modify plant ontogenetic patterns.
The use of the text in question shows not sloppiness but craftiness in attempting to lightly modify his unattributed source.
Nations, large and small, have been forced to modify and delay their plans.
For logical consistency, it cannot be allowed to modify or remove any law in physics.
We must modify their education system and then implement the curriculum into our own.
The new impressions modify the impressions received from the objects already known.
The new cells modify fiber optics with nanotechnology and dyes that convert light to energy.
But it would take a significant amount of diplomatic effort to modify the charter.
Still, sanctions have failed to modify the regime's approach to the uprising.
Barring legislative maneuvers to block or modify the new policy, the changes will take effect automatically.
They should not revalue or modify their exchange-rate regimes now, he said, although inflation is high and rising.
He showed that light could modify the wetting angle of a conducting droplet sitting on an insulated conductor.
The researchers can then modify the butanol into jet fuel.
The ability to monitor and modify applications while they're running could be widely useful.
These are used extensively in programming for instance you wish to modify an array of values by the same amounts.
While it would be possible to modify such tubes for the manufacture of centrifuges, they are not directly suitable for it.
Most such tailor-made systems modify existing alphabets, although some instead invent syllabaries.
Many people are afraid of knowing and of having to modify the story of who they might be.
The only way to do this is to synthesise an entirely fresh genome, rather than modify an existing one.
There are even a growing section of e-cig smokers who modify their e-cigarettes and even produce their own nicotine solution.
Even worse, so many of them simply don't want to modify their faith at all.
Scientists are excited, but critics express concern about attempts to modify the genetic makeup of this popular grain.
But device manufacturers or network carriers can always modify it.
Some will modify the operating system to work with one of their custom services or another.
But developers can modify application to take full advantage of touchscreen.
Second, you and the other players can add or modify rooms, as well as invent new and magical objects.
The amateur forecaster should modify the table in accordance with his or her own observations.
Ask the company to modify the round-trip ticket for one-way usage.
The automaker says it will notify owners, replace the reservoir cap and modify the brake system for free.
So researchers are working on ways to improve its handling, to modify the nutrients in it and to develop alternative uses.
They can modify their behavior to appear more extroverted, in essence faking it, as the article discusses.
We have been able to genetically modify animals so that they express this protein in certain ways.
The government had planned to modify the system but, nearly a year on, it has only succeeded in botching the job.
Permits to construct, modify, or operate a facility.

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