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Certain requirements are subject to possible modification to reasonably accommodate individuals with disabilities.
Hitherto, genetic modification has been the work of apprentices and journeymen.
Vegetable plants can be modified in the field through crossbreeding and in the lab using genetic modification.
What is important is that genetic modification is not one thing.
But now that modification method could become unnecessary.
The modification will not take place until you sign an affidavit promising you'll get counseling.
All requirements are subject to possible modification to reasonably accommodate individuals with a disability.
Since genetic modification would help with this, it would be handy if people abandoned their prejudice against it.
Organic food relies little on genetic modification or pesticides.
According to the study's results, this receptor modification actually improves the recall of emotional memories.
Instead, researchers are looking for broader changes that are produced by gene modification and can't be masked.
The data also show a distinct health benefit for those in the behavioral modification group.
Some studies show that behavioral modification is as effective as medication.
Genetic modification can help that if hysterical politics don't intervene.
But a new technology could get the same results without actual genetic modification.
The government is simplifying the paperwork for its mortgage modification program.
The non-food use of genetic modification is moving ahead on several fronts.
The modification will allow drugs to be pumped directly into brain tissue.
The video below shows the results from one method, which unfortunately requires some hardware modification.
Conversely, serum cholesterol modification for its own sake may well be of no value.
The arts of agriculture and pastoralism bring about direct modification of the environment in time and space.
Some of these problems are also given as exam with slight modification so students tend to pay attention to them.
Breeding or genetic modification could increase the efficiency with which animals and plants take up nitrogen.
The holders of governmental purse strings demurred, but not before sparking a federal-level debate over weather modification.
Sometimes a tiny modification in a line of code can cause a malicious effect.
The genetic modification of fungi or plants to increase the production of fuel needs to be undertaken cautiously.
No modification to the franc-mark parity was needed.
It involves genetic modification of an animal embryo's genetic makeup, or genome.
They can be used in existing engines via existing infrastructure with little or no modification.
It is, of course, open to modification until consensus is reached.
The behavior modification also occurs when the rewards are high compare to the performance.
Many mortgage modification programs have been complete failures.
The reorganization of the social benefits and the modification of pension system alone would reduce the debt.
One of the dreams resulted in a major intentional behavior modification.
So the parasite does all that behavioral modification for its own benefit.
The spore coat modification argues strongly against the use of solid particles during the treatment process.
The modification and resultant atmosphere may well be as posited in the above article.
But in humans the gene had undergone a slight modification.
The more usual fashionable wedding is merely a modification of the one outlined above.
The borrowing of foreign words always entails their phonetic modification.
And especially the questions of the coloured future are simply those of the pure system without any sort of modification.
They expect factories to take up the idea quickly, because it is a modification of equipment that is already familiar.
Even if the pace of modification quickens, the overhang of unsold homes will remain dauntingly large.
The line should be if it requires modification to private property.
Nor is the idea of surface modification of the small particles produced, to allow them to bond with other components.
Actually, the necessary modification to the webcam is to remove its infrared filter and add a visible light filter.
No modification of the tallying machines would be allowed after the ballot choices are specified.
His extension of geoengineering to include weather modification is also not generally accepted.
Genetic modification and modern hybridization discards genes.
For biologists, genetic modification is a tool to understand natural systems, not an end in itself.
Environmental modification requires some degree of intelligence.
Individuals who think of nature as sacred may perceive genetic modification as morally wrong, regardless of its safety or utility.
There may be cases where a modification is not possible.
Descent with modification gives him no problems, nor does natural selection.
Events translated into words undergo a profound modification.
The result is that the protein is produced with a slight modification, an attached fluorescent snippet.
Behavior modification may be helpful for some people in controlling unacceptable or dangerous behaviors.
Perhaps you have a suggestion for such a behavioral modification device.
At two meetings, the bank's representative said a modification of the mortgage had been granted, lowering the required payments.
Any modification or refinancing would apply only to the primary mortgage.

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